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The Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi is under fire as the Rohingya crisis escalates in Myanmar. According to the Irrawaddy, a Burmese news site. Myanmar Enterprises transparency: The best are getting better, but what about the others? Receive the best of news, culture and books every week. Kachin State's gentle hills in northern Myanmar are home to the world's finest jade.

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The Asian Soccer Confederation (AFC) unveiled the expansion of the 2019 Asian Cup from 16 to 24 sides, and there was great hopes in Southeast Asia that an expansion would bring more regional sides into the game. SEA Games soccer competition has come and gone for another year.

Scott McIntyre sums up the good, the evil and the something extraordinary of another South East Asia soccer festivals? Radojko Avramovic, who was in command of Singapore for almost a dozen years, had his part to play in the event, but after retiring from the U23 side at the first hurdles in the 2017 SEA games, he hoped that the Americans would not be blamed for the country's recent defeat.

After a 3-1 victory over Laos at Shah Alam Stadium on Wednesday, Malaysia won first place in Group A. The Malaysians came to fill Shah Alam Stadium when they lost to Myanmar 3-1 in Group A of the SEA Games on Monday.

After a 3-1 win over Group A favorites Myanmar, Malaysia qualified for the SEA Games on Monday before the crowded Shah Alam Stadium.

Once again Facebook has been criticised for not having been able to avoid conflicts in Myanmar.

The eagerly awaited visit to Washington today begins with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg attending a Senate hearings before going to Congress for the first time in the morning. Outside the US capitol, Zuckerberg is holding serious talks about Myanmar with a group of six civic organisations in the US who were angry at his assertion that Facebook schemes had blocked embassies targeting incitement to Buddhist-Muslim violent last September.

After an open post to Facebook on Friday claiming that the community was relying on community resources and was ill-equipped to deal with hatred speeches, Zuckerberg himself came in to in-person. "Thanks for your written response, and I apologise for not being clear enough about the important part your organisations are playing in our understanding of Myanmar and responding to problems, as well as the September event to which you referred," Zuckerberg commented.

Sugarberg also said that Facebook is working on implementing new functions that will allow it to notify Messenger of inadequate contents and add other Myanmar-speaking critics - two proposals made by the Myanmar-based group. Specifically, the six businesses ask Facebook and Zuckerberg for information about their effort, as well as the number of reported abuses that they have had, how quickly they have taken place and the steps they have taken to close them.

The group also asked for clarification on the number of Burma personnel inspectors, the precise mechanism for recognizing hatred speeches, and an updated version of what Facebook did after its last encounter with the group in December. "If things go bad in Myanmar, the effects can be very serious - potentially catastrophic," he added.

Cambridge Analytica's history has spread in the US and other parts of the globe, but less well known is the place of Facebook in the spread of Myanmar's religion -based hate - where the administration is charged with racial cleanup after the Rohingya Muslim minorities have been treated. In a recent fact-finding operation carried out by the UN, it was found that Facebook has been a" key player" in the global financial turmoil.

"The ultra-nationalist Buddhists have their own[Facebook pages] and really fuel a great deal of hate and force against the Rohingya or other people. I' m worried that Facebook has now turned into a beast[instead of] what it was supposed to be used for," Yanghee Lee of the UN told the music world.

Nearly 30 million of Myanmar's 50 million inhabitants are expected to use the community networking site, making it an extremely efficient way to get a large audience. In spite of the great appeal and high level of misuse that Facebook itself has recognized, the community networking site has no offices in Myanmar.

Indeed, it is said that Myanmar critics are based in Ireland, while the political staff is in Australia. This may not seem the right mix, but it is also not clear whether Facebook is willing to make changes to concentrate on Myanmar users' security. Here is Zuckerberg's full-length letter:

Htaike Htaike, Jes, Victoire, Phyu Phyu and Thant, I wanted to answer to you. I apologise for not being clear enough about the important part your organisations are playing in assisting us in understanding Myanmar and responding to problems, as you mentioned in September.

As well as enhancing our technologies and utilities, we have added tens of other Myanmar examiners to process user reviews from all our departments. We' ve also expanded the number of employees across the entire Myanmar operation and we now have a dedicated Myanmar based products staff working to better understanding the unique needs of the area and developing the right skills to keep communities intact.

and we will work with you to find more ways to respond to these important questions. Thank you for replying to our mail from your own e-mail address. We' re also happy to hear you repeat the action Facebook has taken and plans to take to enhance your Myanmar experience.

That does not alter our basic conviction that your suggestions for improvement are far from sufficient to make sure that Myanmar residents receive the same level of service as in the US or Europe. If something goes awry in Myanmar, the results can be very serious - possibly catastrophic. As with many previous conversations we had with your compliance staff, your e-mail is focused on submissions.

What is the number of misuse notifications? How many percent of alleged misuse did your teammates finally eliminate due to non-compliance with fellowship norms? What is the number of bank account numbers following the mark on the inbox? How long on averages has it taken for your reviews to give a definitive answer to the people who use the report they produce?

Which percentage of the incoming messages took more than 48 h to get an evaluation? In all, how many Myanmar-speaking critics did you have until March 2018? We' re particularly interested in critics working on the Facebook site looking for full-time equivalent. How are there ways to stop recidivists in Myanmar?

So what have you done so far to resolve the problem of duplication of work that we addressed in the brief we gave your group in December 2017? We include our December brief as a landmark, as it explains in more detail the issues we've been trying to tackle with Facebook. Best,

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