The best Myanmar Movies full 2015

Best Myanmar movies in 2015

See the highlights of some of the best trailers of recent times, including Mandy, The Predator, Zoe and The King of Thieves. was born in 1985 in Myanmar and studied at the Asian Film Academy (R.O. Korea) and Talents Tokyo, Japan. of Myanmar's 2015 parliamentary elections.

Burma is still a pretty good watch with some good performances. Mr Wutyi works for Good Neighbours Myanmar, an international NGO.

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Guillemet has held a number of leading roles in the movie business for 25 years. Ms. Bert was Vice President of the Sundance Institute, Co-Director of the Sundance Festival and Director of the Miami International Filmfestival. A committed art activist, Guillemet is active in the domestic committees of a number of art organisations such as Women Make Movies.

In addition, she was a member of the support group of the National Endowment for the Arts and the Rolex Foundation as well as a jury member and panellist at various world-festos. Since 1983, Debra Zimmerman has been managing director of Frauen Make Movies, a non-profit New York-based filmmaking organisation that helps female directors.

WMM's globally acclaimed Film Assistance Program has assisted literally a hundred film-makers. She is cofounder of the Montreal-based producer and distributor of feature length film. Currently he is chairman of RIDM, the Montreal Internacional Filmfestival of Documents. The film was made in Myanmar in 1985 and graduated from the Asian Film Academy (R.O. Korea) and Talents Tokyo, Japan.

He' one of the country's premier freelance Myanmar films - as a filmmaker, actor, producer and cameraman. Mr. Bradley founded Green Age Movie Productions, a major Myanmar-based movie maker involved in Hollywood and other global films. Part of his pursuit of life-long education, he has taken part in many of the world's movie studios, including the Movie Leaders Incubator:

He was honored with the Creativity and Artistic Talent Awards in the Philippines. He has also visited the ASEAN-Sapporo, the Re:J Filmmake Workshop in Japan and received The Best Creativity Team Awards. He also received an accolade from CSEAS (Center For South East Asian Studies) Environmental Documentation Service, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan, for his feature length feature The Glass Man.

Among others, the movie received the Best Documentary Award in the Asians On film, LA, USA and International Awards for Excellence at the International Filmfestival for Environment-Health-Culture. He won's neuer Filmmaking " Side Glance of Dragon " gewann den Best Short Filmm Award beim 3. Mumbai Short Filmfestival, Indien und Honorable Mention for the Best Cinematographer Award in the Asians On Filmm, Los Angeles, USA.

Founded the Myanmar New Wave Cinema Group and his movie project "Green Age" provided financing and other funds for young directors of Myanmar New Wave Cinema.

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