The best Myanmar Movies 2015

Best Myanmar Movies 2015

Aung Nandar 23 Apr 2015. The Maw Naing's feature film The Monk. Film:'My Buddha is Punk' (Andreas Hartmann, 2015, 68 min.). Myanmar reader images from the BBC World Service Myanmar Direct season.

ASEAN' s top rising star.

Award ceremony of the Myanmar Academy for 2014 and 2015

The Myanmar Academy Award for 2014 and 2015 was successfully presented on April 4, 2016. The Oscars were presented to many prominent people from various sectors. Although it was the awarding of the prize for two years, some of the prizes were not on the disqualification lists. The Oscars 2014 and 2015 were awarded with a series of 11 nominations.

In 2014 U Kyi Min Thein of Mar Yar Project" was awarded the prize for best sound technology and the prize for best backgroundmusic went to Khin Maung Kyi of Kaung Kyo Ko Nhite Ti Say Min". In the film'Kaung Kyo Ko Nhite Ti Zay Min', two other prizes were awarded for the best cut by Thaw Zin and the prize for the best screenplay by Zaw Myint Oo.

Toe Win Pyi Soe, the Academy's best cinematographer with his astonishing photographs of Asone Mae Chit Chin (Endless Love) and Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi, won the Best Comedian Prize for the film Nha Lone Ther Phyit Pyu Lote Thi (Made In Heart). Nha Lone Ther Phyit Pyu Lote Thi (Made In Heart) also awarded the best support performer to Zin Wine.

Kaung Kyoe Ko Nhite Ti Zay Min' was chosen as the prize for the best film of 2014. With the film'Nha Lone Ther Phyit Pyu Lote Thi (Made In Heart)' Pyay Ti Oo won the best performer of the year 2014 and the best female performer of the year 2015 Khine Thin Kyi was honoured with the film'Kaung Kyo Ko Nhite Ti Say Min'.

There were only 10 prizes for 2014 at the prize-giving ceremonies. The 2015 Best Contextual Performance Prize went to Hla San Oo from the film'Maung Eain Thu' and the Best Editor Prize went to Zaw Min (Han Thar Myay) from the film'Chit San Eain (Love House)'.

It was Zaw Min who won the prize for best cinema in the film'Slaves of Cupid' and Takka Tho Goon Pone won the prize for best support act in the film'E Ayar Ko Achit Hu Khaw Tha Lar (Do we call this Love?)'. Do we call this Love' and acting star Bay Lu Wa also won the prize.

In the 2015 Best Film of the Year Awards, Wine was awarded with his film "I am Rose, Darling". Nay Toe won the Best Artist prize in the movie'Nat Khat Mhar Te Tite Pwal' and Phway Phway won the Best Artist prize in'I am Rose, Darling'.

Altogether there were only 8 honours for 2015. For 2014 there was no prize for the best filmmaker and for 2015 no prize for the best film, the best screenplay and the best sound technology. The Myanmar Academy 2016 Award is scheduled to be presented in February 2017.

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