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Myanmar ebook library is available for free download. Discover the libraries in Yangon with the help of your friends. Take a look at the other countries in our World Library series: "Includes best-in-class books, book summaries, research reports and best practices. "..

.I will devote myself to the service of the Republic of Myanmar."

Trip Advisor

Prior to the trip to Myanmar, an outstanding historic novel by Amitav Ghosh can be found. It is available in many bookshops and in softcover. Here you will find outstanding photographs that you can take your time to look at. Inspect any bookshop or library (lending or encyclopedia). You should always look at a travel guide for the area you want to see.

Each traveler should make it a matter of preference to search one or all of the guidebooks below. It' going to be a great training to look through the layouts and see the great photographs. It is up to you which of the guidebooks you like best, but please be aware that most information is out of date due to the growing changes in Myanmar and the delay in printing.

Search the child or youth section of your library for guidebooks and geographic information. Most of these guidelines will be less than fifty pages long. It is an ideal introductory course for beginners. TheseĀ are a few tips for locating the travel DVDs in your area.

Every major retailer has a variety of DVDs and videos to choose from. Tourist-Video-Shop has a great website.

Transformation of libraries in Myanmar: New Challenges and Paths

Just think, you are in the library of a major institution in your state. You' re seated with your pens and papers - there's no Wi-Fi - the library is just printed and your resource retrieval is done via a printed cards-catalog. Indeed, the collections buildings were disrupted by the recent closings of other colleges.

You may think this is a 16th c. Europe sketch or a sketch of universities' library at a times when literature and magazines had to sail by boat. In the stacking area, you will find the librarian, library of the Yangon Univeristy, Ph. Notice that the shelving is part of the construction process - a sophisticated look.

Instead, this above described scenario is the realities of Myanmar (which many of you know better under the former name Burma) only a few years ago. Myanmar librarians worked in a closed community, and Myanmar librarians lacked new and up-to-date material and equipment.

Acquisitions budget was low and it was not possible to order directly from multinational vendors. Luckily, a heyday of higher learning in recent years has encouraged some initiatives that are beginning to provide higher learning institutions, through their own library, with the necessary tools and skills to help the academia use on-line scientific assets and link up with an global research world.

The library plays a crucial part at the higher education institutions. One of the few research agencies available to the whole scholarly world, they impart science and develop skills for scientists to exploit the potential of the world of research. We see visions and capacity in a country where broadband connections to the web are restricted, where cellular phone connections are predominant and few computer systems are available in the library of higher education.

EIFL Open Societies Foundation has financed the EIFL eLibrary Myanmarject. As a result of this research program, four schools now have direct acces to e-resources, among them over 10,000 full-text scientific periodicals and over 130,000 scientific e-books and other material. It has also provided information competence trainings for Librarians in the participant institutes.

This great achievement must now be supported by ongoing efforts to make on-line accessibility and e-skills viable and a hallmark of higher learning across the state. Firstly, the creation of a financing instrument that will ensure long-term resource availability. Second, the next generation of library workers must have powerful digitisation skills to maintain and build service and collection capacity in the library.

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