The best Myanmar Korean Movie

Myanmar's best Korean film

The visitors of the New Treasure Gallery admire the works of Myanmar and Korean artists. Best Free Streaming Movies & TV Shows with Amazon Prime! Embedded between some of the best food regions in the world, India, Myanmar has some of the most exciting and varied cuisines in all of Southeast Asia. Also popular are Thai and Korean films. It' s become one of the best legal systems in the world," Kim said.

Busan train(2016 Korean film)

Busan(2016 Korean film), which will now be shown in Yangon cinemas from 23 September to 29 September 2016. This is a southern Korean game by Yeon Sang-ho with Gong Yoo, Jung Yu-mi and Ma Dong-seok. It premiered at the Midnight Screenings section of the 2016 Cannes Festival on 13 May.

The first Korean movie of the year 2016 with more than 10 million viewers, the movie broke the records on August 7th.

Exhibition celebrating Myanmar-Korea relations | The Myanmar Times

In 2017, forty years of Myanmar' s relationship with Korea and to mark the anniversary, the New Treasure Fine Arts Museum is organizing a "Platform of Peace" exhibit featuring works by 20 top performers from each state. It is a collaboration between Min Wae Aung, proprietor of the galery, Korean artis Park Tae Hong and Kim Yi Sun, the Korean Ambassador in Yangon, Artistic Asia, the Municipality of the City of Busan and the Federation of Artistic & Cultural Organization of Busan. See the works of Min Wae Aung.

Myanmar and South Korea have been hosting such shows since 2015 to encourage the arts and cultural events and facilitates the sharing of views between them. It opened on July 1 with a Korean Namsannolimadang show and a Myanmar band performing folk and dancing. The Korean and Myanmar artist have different flavours.

I' d like to expand this diversity to our public by putting everything under one umbrella. I would like to thank the Korean Embassy here for making this show possible," said Min Wae Aung, himself a not insignificant musician. The visitor can sense the differences between Korean and Myanmar works of work. They have produced realisticism, surroundalism, modern painting, contemporary sculpture and works of installations and videos.

The Korean artists' works are more fluid and interesting for Myanmar audiences. MYANMAR' s creation is easy and culture-based. The artist Aung Min is a champion of painting collages of golden leaves and expressionist art. The Korean Kim Jung Min has designed an installment made of light blue sharkstick. She is characterized by striking triangle lines that make her shape - something the public can think about.

"I' ve done it in Myanmar in the last 15 orgasms. There is something more tradition in the work of Chan Aye. In his installations he mixes lunar and solar imagery, church bell, triangle shaped brassgongs, monks' shades and crescents. It is very quiet and quiet. "I was using old-fashioned horns.

My installations give the public the opportunity to distinguish between warm and cool, smooth and tough, inhospitable and calm. Those who look at this install will find peace," he said. There is an exposition until 7 July.

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