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Do not play by the rules

One of the secular joys they should not give themselves over to is to read books and literature. Dhamma Nanda breaks this custom. In his youth as a young boy, he buried himself in burial in burial of buried books such as AJ Cronin's The Citadel, HG Wells' The Invisible Man and Dominique Lapierre's The City of Joy.

Ashin Dhamma Nanda has been reading insatiably since he was a child. Now, 41, he has collected about 10,000 titles; some of them are out of stock and extremly infrequent. His oldest volume in his collections is from 1841. Over the past week-end, some 450 international fiction from his personal collections were shown at a Yangon Buch Plaza celebration of International Translation Day.

Curiosity crowds gathered at the event to admire some of its rare collection, among them a first issue of Jules Verne's novel Around the World in 80 Day - the novel in Myanmar was translated in 1960 - and Arthur Hailey's novel The Final Diagnosis from 1959 - which arrived in the Myanmar in 1975 in the Myanmar language release.

"When I was a kid, I used to study comics. However, I found nothing useful in the fictional fictions of marriage, so I changed to translating stories like Papillon, Banco or Beyond This Place. Ashin Dhamma Nanda said: "They really fascinated me. "Alien writings have an important part in raising readers' hopes and morals," the friar states.

"There are great virtues in novels," says the friar. Dhamma Nanda found comfort in international literary circles because the native writers were greatly reduced, which affected their artistical value. Fortunately, the campesinos sometimes did not see the politics message concealed between the rows in overseas textbooks. Ashin Dhamma Nanda was borne in Latputta, Ayeyarwady region and began to read a book at the tender ages of 10.

He began collecting literature at the age of 16 with the aim of creating a library to expand people's understanding. By the time he was 25, he already had a 500 book library. He opened a library at Shwe La Yaung Abbey in the Mandalay region in 2000. His library's glory grew and it was highly trafficked by avid readers.

Ashin Dhamma Nanda, the chief friar of the library's convent, was complaining about the stream of people. He had to shut down his library in 2013 and move his library to a room in a convent near by, run by a more sympathetic apostle. And, of course, the book-keeper and his library relocated.

"There aren't many folks who like to read in the village[where the convent is]. However, the Mandalay reader (about 12 leagues away) comes to me to rummage in some of the textbooks they like." HeĀ loans his loyal readership for 15 and up to a months; he tries to open a library in Mandalay where they are located.

"He is very rare," said Myay Hmone Lwin, author and creator of the Ngar Doe Sar Pae volume (literally "our literature"), a publisher, "I am admiring his efforts to disseminate it by borrowing his work. May Hmone-Lwin is a regular donor of the monks work. He discovered the amazing Ashin Dhamma Nanda collections and asked him to present them at the event.

It is one of the goals of the exhibition to support the promotion of international fiction and to stimulate translators, he commented. This committed friar says Myanmar's library is going through a difficult period. He said many of the country's galleries closed, especially in the countryside. Reminiscing that he once saw a cow in a library - they were probably here to fill the pages, not to look at them.

It accuses its colleagues in the library of failing to conserve and renovate their holdings with novel. Often they do not even help to suggest the reader to smoke a book. Ashin Dhamma Nanda, who has a great deal of experience with his beloved works, is not. Visiting his library near Mandalay; he could help you find a good reading and, who knows, perhaps your inner serenity.

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