The best Myanmar Classic Movie

Best Myanmar Classic movie

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Restoration of a Filmgeschichte

Restoring movies is a challenging but important task. Ancient movies are ancient and can show us how humans used to live and talk. Myanmar's movie story is populated by courageous, often self-taught filmmakers who have made their own music. Much of the country's cinema collection, however, is limited to frangible tapes, and today only a few of these songs are still available on cellularuloid in state libraries.

"Old movies were kept and kept in the Mawkun archive of the Myanmar Motion Picture Enterprise which is part of the Ministry of Information. The majority of monochrome movies were shown for commercial use, and the businesses that made them rarely kept duplicates. Several old movies vanished when it became known that the silvery nitroate from which they were made could be molten into it.

Nowadays, most movies are conserved electronically. The fourth Wathan-Filmfestival last year showed the old movie Yadanabone, which was shot in 1953 and shown at the 1957 Karlovy Vary in Czechoslovakia. Fortunately, the festivals officials had kept a copy. "They gave us the copy at the Wathan Filmfestival.

MMPE did not give us a permit to get old movies, because the process is very timeconsuming and difficult. We' re not showing any old movies this year at the Wathan 5, but we'll do it next year if we get one," said Thu Thu Shein, organizer of the year.

At the beginning of this year, four classic Myanmar movies dating back to 1955 were shown at the third Memory International Film Heritage International at the Nay Pyi Taw Cinema in Yangon. Severine Wemaere and Gilles Duval, co-directors of the Severine Wemaere and Gilles Duval festivals, said the ceremony was only the first in a string of restoration and conservation activities for Myanmar's classic film.

"This is not just about the festivals - it's about the preservation of Myanmar's filmmaking heritages. We' re also trying to find and find classic movies that can be recovered. Wemaere says that the memories of a land are essentially part of its heritages. Duval and Wemaere, who have worked on several conservation programmes, are working with the Ministry of Information to find and maintain missing or corrupt Myanmar cinematography.

"The easiest way is usually to record all published movies and store them in a state movie archives. She says the main focus is the preservation of cellularuloid movies that were made a long while ago. In the course of the years, heating and moisture harm the movies, it is urgently necessary to conserve them.

Wemaere and Duval are currently working on the conservation of the 1934 Mya Ganaing by Maung Tin Maung, "probably Myanmar's oldest movie, whose components allow its restoration". The work to restore the movie began in April 2015 and since then has been searching for lacking items in several parts of the globe.

It will be restorated at the L'immagine Ritrovata of the Cineteca di Bologna, a specialized movie conservation lab in Bologna, Italy. L'Immagine Ritrovata, which means "the reconstructed image" in English, is famous worldwide for its conservation of cinema's cinemas. Though many copies of films have been mislaid in the meantime, others - albeit those that are neglected and worsening - may still remain in personal filmkirchen.

The Goethe-Institut Myanmar and Yangon Movie School have established a Myanmar Cinema Heritage Foundation with the aim of cataloguing, restoring and disseminating this heritage to a broader public. The Yangon School has digitally transmitted the movie Che Phawa Daw Nu Nu in 2013 and can be seen in many nationalities since.

"This year we have employed a scientist to help us with the conservation work. As soon as we have a full research document, we need to speak to MMPE and Myanmar Motion Pictures Organisation[MMPO] and create a nationwide archive," said Ko Win Naing, Yangon Movie School coordinating group. The organizer of the Wemaere Memorial Filmfestival considers such events indispensable to document Myanmar's cinematography.

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