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Best Myanmar Book

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Since Mandalay was invaded by Britain in 1885, this living novel of charity, bereavement and yearning has been running through more than 100 years of Burma, India and Malaya. A destitute 11-year-old child, Rajkumar Raha is a testimony to the UK war. It' s large-scaled story telling - through Imperium, two WWIIs, fights for independency and Burma's army regimes - but Ghosh doesn't ignore making his character both interesting and credible.

Giving a vote to the Burmese and Indians who have witnessed the growing and declining imperium, he provides an ingenious, thought-provoking and finally condemning portrayal of Britain'sonialism. Ghosh's painstakingly investigated book took five years to complete, with the seeds of his own family's own stories.

Connelly's courageous novel about a Burmese detainee is a song of praise for the people and a wild accusation against the Burmese army government. Teza, a seminarian campaigner and beloved protester singers, is in isolation in a jail building called "The Cage". Teza is suffering from permanent starvation - with a lizard as a food complement - and brutal blows under the hard imprisonment regimen.

Likewise in the cages is Little Brother, an orphan who grew up in jail, who lives by murdering a rat and sells it to the orphans. He' going to be Teza's host and deliver his jail food. As the superintendent tries to slander Teza - to raise his punishment - the novel becomes a mystery story, as both the convict and the young man are in great peril.

Konnelly does not strike at the terrors of jail living, but rather offer the timid connection between Teza and Little Brother as a little bit of expectation in this mighty story. Canada poets and writers Konnelly has often been to Burma and spent two years living with exiled Myanmar people on the Thai-Burma frontier.

Thomas interweaves some of his own genealogy into this extensive chronicles of Burma's past. Burma has its origins in Burma, but the attack and the 1885 invasion of the United Kingdom - a year of change that ushered in the advent of modernity. Wounds of statewide arrogance is another strike, says Mr Tant, as Britain reigns as India's ally.

In 1948, Burma was ravaged by the Second Worid Wars, with some of its political leadership murdered last year and ushering in the longest ever civilian conflict - hardly a bright first. He tells how the young democratic system is plagued by tumultuous policies, ideas from abroad and uprisings.

The 1962 Coup by General Ne Win brought down the blinds of the outside worlds and Burma fell into a decade long diktat. In spite of massive protest in 1988 and the appearance of the General's Neemesis, Aung San Suu Kyi, the army still holds power today. "Thant says in this delicate and captivating portrayal of a land that is a must read for anyone who wants to comprehend Burma today.

The historian Thant was the son of Myanmari' family. He was the Secretary-General of the UN for 10 years, until 1971.

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