The best Hotel in Yangon

Best hotel in Yangon

The Junior Suite room has a large bed surrounded by a living room, a work area and a luxurious bathroom. Booking your day room in Yangon. Would you like to end the day in Yangon? Are you looking for'Day Use Hotels near me' but having trouble finding the best prices? As this luxury hotel brand moved to the city, you knew Myanmar was back on the tourist map.

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Former Traders Hotel, Shangri-la has provided Asia's finest hotel experience in Yangon. The first time I came to the town, the hotel was still under the former trademark and was the best option for the corporate traveller, whose budgets did not cover the over $500 prize from The Governor's Residence or The Strand.

Shangri-la then renamed it to a more refined form to keep the hotel largely the same, but to improve the services and renew the appearance. By the time I got back in 2015, the new label was on the horizon and the quality of services had increased. Indeed, the whole Yangon had been changing. Traders Hotel used to be the meeting place for business people who visited the town.

The UN and other organizations had their seat there because there were no offices. In spite of the town' s growth, Shangri-la is still a place to welcome businessmen and its position, directly in the centre of the town, in the same road as the Sule Pagoda, is a plus point. This is a more convenient way to get to know The Governor's Residence or The Strand, if you stick to the city's wealthy past.

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extensive and sumptuous accommodations, which you can easily find and reserve with one click!

extensive and sumptuous accommodations, which you can easily find and reserve with one click! Searching for a luxurious hotel in Yangon is very simple with our searching feature. - Research, find and reserve the ideal luxurious accomodation for your vacation. - Reuse genuine hotel ratings and photographs. There are currently 3309 Yangon deluxe hotel rankings.

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"Fairest inn east of Suez" In 1911, in his'Handbook for Travellers in India, Burma and Ceylon', writer John Murray named The Strand the'most beautiful inn east of Suez', a name he has had for over 100 years. The hotel, constructed in 1901 and soon taken over by the Sarkies Brothers, famous for Raffles in Singapore and The E&O in Penang, will remain one of Asia's most consistent and impressive colonial symbols.

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