The best Hotel in Ngapali Beach

Best hotel in Ngapali Beach

It is a unique destination. Get the best deal before it's too late! Deluxe rooms offer the best value for money on the Bay of Bengal beach. The Ngapali Beach is not only the most beautiful beach in Myanmar, but also a popular beach in Southeast Asia. Exclusive, luxurious, tailor-made tours in Myanmar.

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Located about 7 km from Handwe County, Ngapali is about 10.56 nautical mile from the east to the east and 1.5 nautical mile from the east to the east. Of course, the beach of the Gulf of Bengal lies about five kilometres from east to east. Wonderful leveled whitish sands, surrounded by high palm trees.

The Ngapali beach offers the possibility to the visitor to swimming, clear waters, sails, kayaking and security from savage fish. The Ngapali Beach is not only the most attractive beach in Myanmar, but also a favourite beach in Southeast Asia. It is the best season to come to this beach in October and May each year.

This is a breathtaking and beautiful place, one of the best.

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The Ngapali Beach is a town full of charms of humanity as well as the outdoors. Ngapali Beach has a number of commercial centres and all types of amusement park to show you the unique character of Ngapali Beach. Ngapali Beach can be reached by rail, air or coach. Meanwhile, transport in Ngapali Beach is very comfortable, such as subway, coach and boat, which can help you to get anywhere in the town.

Ngapali Beach has a complete tour book at your disposal, which offers you a great free time itinerary. All types of accommodations are available. In Ngapali Beach Hotel we offer well-equipped amenities, include sports centre / indoor pools / free park / free Wi-Fi. In addition, our website will be recommending the most expensive and favourite hotel currently available, which we believe will suit your tastes.

If you would like to use a standard hotel label, we are offering the trademark filters. Hotel reservation services are available. Select your favourite hotel or a hotel that suits you. On our website you will find a large number of hotel pictures and ratings that will introduce you to the destination hotel. A 7×24 hour support team will solve your Ngapali Beach travelling issues.

When you are a business traveller focused on high standards, you will not be disappointed by Ngapali Beach 5 stars hotel. When you are a traveller focused on value for money, Ngapali Beach also has more affordable accommodation. We will find the right hotel for you as long as you select a hotel for you.

If you have other questions, please fill in the filters, we will do our best to make you feel at home during your trip in Ngapali Beach.

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