The best Hotel in Myanmar

Best hotel in Myanmar

It is the perfect place for gala dinners and hosting events. Look at the chosen ones here! We have carefully checked them so that you can relax. It' a place beyond your dreams: We are dedicated to directly improving the social fabric of normal Myanmar/ Discover the best hotels in Yangon, including Loft Hotel, Little Yangon Hostel, Sule Shangri-La Yangon.

The best places to live in Myanmar

And even those of us who are fortunate enough to consider ourselves well-traveled talk with bright-eyed Myanmar, until recently described by most people around the globe as Burma. It is a land of wonderful buddhistic shrines, stupas as well as couples, some large and gold-plated and some small and easy, but you will find them proud on the hill and deeply in the forest.

On the foggy plain of Bagan alone there are 4000 holy memorials. It is these two elements, probably more than any other, that make Myanmar so special. Some of Myanmarýs best accommodations are elegance and beauty from Myanmarýs former colonies, but if youýre looking for more contemporary accommodations, youýll have no problem locating a great place toýlodge.

In 2015 marks a turning point in Myanmar's development, the Myanmar army resigned to allow a dynamic democracy to take place - the first in half a hundred years. In the meantime, other nations have begun to invest in Myanmar, and at least in the major capitals you will find wireless access and a trusted webconnect.

Now is a good moment to come and see us. Until 2005 most of the population will be starting in Rangoon, Burma's main town, but although Yangon has been'dumped', it is still the biggest and most commercial town in Myanmar. Yangon is still home to the old stalwart colonies, but they have some very advanced features, if that's more to your liking.

And then, despite the romanticism in his name, many people just walk through Mandalay and stop to see the Mahamuni Paya with its old 13 foot high Buddha on their way. However, it is definitely a worthwhile idea to take a look behind the city' s trendy areas with their drops, the cement pillars, the odd collections of mausoleums, shrines, chapels, churches as well as the innumerable convents on the banks of the river.

The Mystical Bagan, an area of foggy plain on the shores of the Ayeyarwady (Irrawady) River, has the highest concentrations of buddhistic shrines, stupas and coups. It is often likened to Angkor, with the major distinction that Bagan's memorials are scattered over a much larger area, but are not covered by the jungles, so you always have a glimpse of large shrines, stupas und coughies.

Several of the buildings date from the eleventh and twentieth centuries, but the area has been developed over the centuries and each memorial is different, with its own form and importance for Buddhist thought and development. Same as Bagan, but constructed over a mound, it is another favourite place for people.

Spread with golden and whitish cougars and Stupa, the true sensation of this place is to walk the weird, twisting, staircase-filled paths between the memorials and canons. Mrauk U is another well-known archeological site, with less graceful, more forest-like churches, but still an unbelievable number, this times in the midst of small towns and hamlets and the paddy farms they carry.

Also a popular destination: a vast sea, calm and calm, encircled by marshes and swimming pools. Besides Buddhistic shrines you will also find buildings on stilt posts and a very special way of row. When Rudyard Kipling or George Orwell's works have something to do with your decision to go to Myanmar, you will want to see Mawlamyine, a wonderful disintegrating prehistoric gem that will give you a good picture of what it was like to live during the Raj.

Yangon's Shwedagon Paya is one of its most spectacular sights: a 90+m high buddhistic shrine with tons of goldfields and adorned with diamond and other ancient rocks. One of Yangon's other Buddhistic treasure is Chaukhtatgyi Paya, a Buddha 65 meters below. There are also Yangon's beautiful archaeological sites, such as Royal Lake, now Kandawgyi Lake, another stunning view and a place with tranquil vistas and long, charming trails.

Mandalay's Mahamuni Paya temples lure visitors to this picturesque old quarter, but not right after the visit, the Mandalay Palace with its watchtower is a great place to get a sense of all the treasure hiding in this ancient civilization - which includes Kyauktawgyi Paya and its 26ft high Buddha with a weight of 900 tons and carved from a unique piece of stone! and the old fort with its ditch and impressive jade market.

It is unmistakable and one of the major goals many people are headed for and plan their journey, but if you don't have the luxury of seeing everything, then Ananda Pahto is one of the biggest and best conserved memorials - it is about 50 metres high. One of the biggest and best conserved temple, Daammayangyi Pahto is also known for its cruel story - allegedly workmen who did not make brickwork that fit together so well that a needle could not go through the rocks have removed their limbs inside the vest doorway, where there are arm-shaped ridges in the partitions.

Sahesandaw Paya is a pyramidal walled pit which is definitely a must see because it also has one of the best vistas of Bagan. Also, you should not miss the charming Indein-Dorf, which can be accessed by ferry on Lake Inle and has many old stupa.

Savoy Yangon is a charming ancient hotel just ten walking minute from Shwedagon Paya. A legendary five-star hotel in the centre of Yangon, The Strand boasts magnificent colorful architectural styles, raised rooms with tea wood flooring and hand-carved wood-frame cots alongside Myanmar lacquered goods and antiquities.

Hotel Am Rote Kanal is a 26-room hotel with 26 rooms, just 15 minutes by car from Mandalay Hill and downtown. Areindmar Hotel in New Bagan is an stylish 50-room hotel constructed around a lovely courtyard full of acacias. You are well situated to explore the area, but this hotel also has its own charm with antique furniture, wood sled cots and crafts.

Bagan Lodge in New Bagan is a new hotel with 82 rooms and all comforts. Situated in the middle of Old Bagan, on the Ayeyarwady River, Bagan Thande is set in 27 hectares of magnificent landscaped area. Bagan Thande was opened in 1922 to welcome King Edward and is furnished very comfortably and well.

It has 92 rooms and it is perfectly situated to see the best archeological sites of Bagan. Monte Divino is a beautiful refuge not far from Taunggyi and Lake Inle. When you want to enjoy the view over Lake Inle, Villa Inle is a good choice, a shop with impeccably stylized mansions, an outstanding spas and first-class cuisine.

Alamanda Inn is a ten room B&B in a tranquil, upscale neighborhood in Yangon. The interior, which belongs to a married pair from France, is colorful but tasty, with a lot of handicraft and one of the best diners in the town. In case you would rather spend the night in an appartment or a privately owned mansion, we suggest you to check out our on-line alliance.

The majority of Myanmar's travelers come from Yangon International Airport, about ten kilometers outside Yangon, or Mandalay International Airport, 37 kilometers outside Mandalay. When you want to rent a vehicle, we suggest you check out our rental cars on line alliance. The best season for most people to come to Myanmar is between October and February.

From March to May the temperature in the centre of Myanmar can be as high as 40°C, and for much of the year there is a great deal of precipitation - but if you have the option between precipitation and warmth, the folks who have suggested precipitation every year. Not sure where to spend the night in Myanmar yet?

Fine-tune your quest for the best accommodation in Yangon? or the best accommodation in Mandalay, or call one of our kind gurus for a counsel.

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