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Burmese cuisine and incomparable service for lunch and dinner. Myanmar is one of the countries where the best tea in the world is grown. One of the best places for shark sightings in Burma. Though there are a few simple resorts dotted around, they can be hard to get on and only give you access to a few local sites. Of course, the translation of your website is also possible.

Scuba dive in the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar and Surin and Similans Isles in Thailand.

The Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar and Surin and Similans Isles in Thailand. From 4 to 8 nights we organise daily excursions and liveaboards to the best divesites in Thailand and Burma from the frontier city Ranong. and come with us! Myanmar is one of the best places to go underwater because of the abundance of seals in the Mergui Archipelago's many battlements:

Pasta with rice, mix of spaghetti, paprika, onions, peas, kale, peanuts und eggs.

Pasta with rice, mix of spaghetti, paprika, onions, peas, kale, peanuts und eggs. Chilli, clove, cloves of cloves, salad, soya, seafood sauces, hot paprika, parsley, green coffee maker and almonds. Roasted grill with sauteed vegetables in a seasoned lemon grass sauces. Roasted peeled peas, paprika and champignons in beansauce.

Salad wrapper with radishes, carrot and chestnut with chickens of your own choosing or in homemade dressing. A thin noodle in a thick bowl of wels, lemon grass, onions, cloves of green onions, and roasted powdered ricefree. Serve with hard-boiled eggs, roasted green pea and coriander. Braise poultry legs and prawns in a saucepan with biryani rices, herbs, currants and almonds.

Stripes of veal with dry chilli fluffs, chilli and almonds. Sprinkled with chilli and almonds. Roasted roast roasted mutton with peppers, mazala, tamarinds, chillies, mint and onion.

The five most important Burmese festival (Myanmar)

Large domestic festivities, local festivities, feasts of ethnical minorities - and as if that were not enough, every individual podium in the land, large or small, has its own celebration to enrich the mélange. Myanmar's festivities are generally built on the Myanmar moon calender, taking into consideration various elements such as astrologic symbols, which means that data varies from year to year.

Visiting a Burmese event is one of the best ways to get engaged and engage with the area. If you can capture them, all of them are great entertainment - but what do we suggest? Thingyan is the largest celebration of the year and is held in every city, village and towns in the state.

To get an idea of the spirit of Thingyan, visit the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon for New Year's Day. Taunggyi, an hours northern of Lake Inle, is renowned for its annual ballooning feast for the Tazaungdaing Lights Festivals, an age-old celebration that took place in Burma even before the rise of Buddhism.

The British launched airguns for the celebrations in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries - and today the festival is all about ballooning contests during the days and nights. The contest during the days revolves around the ballon designs, and you see huge, colorful cocks, Peafowls, Kites andagodas. It all revolves around the highlights at night: Ballons are clothed with flowers and firework and take off into the skies, with very drastic results!

Besides the balloon, there is a fairground where you can buy all types of food and memorabilia, and a completely man-made fairgrounds - with hand-pushed merry-go-rounds and Ferris wheel spinned by ape-like companions scurrying up and down the cages. It' s also getting pretty boorish where the hot air is released, so stay back.

The Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda International Pagoda Day is one of the most scenic events in Burma. Four Buddha pictures are uploaded onto an artistic gold boat and sail around the whole of Inle Lake with at least one overnight stay in each town.

You must be careful in planning to attend this event, as the towns you will be visiting will vary depending on where the ship is on its itinerary! Attempt to capture the last days of the celebration of the festival held with boating events on the lakeside - a beautiful view!

The' Beautiful Burma'-small group trip (departure in October) remains during the festivals in Inle. At the Kyauk Se Dancing Fest, the Kyauk Se Dancers are not true elphants, but rather a team of individuals who are creating colourful elphant outfits and performing incredible well done dancing and acrobatics to the audience's pleasure. Awards are given for the best outfits and the best routine, and some of them are truly astonishing.

It takes place on two occasions and can often be paired with a Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Fest when the two fall together. At the same the SagaingFoodFestival takes place, so that it is possible to mix three festivals in one journey! When the Taunggyi Balloon is a little full for you, this could be the one.

In the beautiful Pyin Oo Lwin mountain colony the festivities here take place much more inconspicuously than in Taunggyi, with fewer hot air balloons and without firework. Even if it is less exciting - there are many advantages: The event is hardly known to visitors, so that you are one of the very few Westerners who get engaged.

The calmer athmosphere also means that you can reach the ballooning spots with ease, and it is much simpler to find good value accommodations than in bustling Taunggyi. It is the ideal party for a family with kids and can be easy to combine with a wonderful visit in and around Pyin Oo Lwin.

When you want to combine your Burma journey with one of these events, just talk to one of our experienced advisors who will be pleased to make you a free offer. The 2018 Tourdates have just been published so you can now register for the'Beautiful Burma'-Tour and enjoy the amazing Phaung Daw OoFest.

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