The best Burmese Classic Movies

Best classic Burmese movies

There will be four classical films from Myanmar: World War II classic (clockwise from top left): It is one of the best battle films of the Second World War made during the war. You were expendable, the other one is this much unannounced Raoul Walsh classic. After all, how could they make good movies?

Filmfestival makes a journey into the past

The Memory International Hall of Heritage Cinema, with more than 50 classical movies from different nations, will take place from May 29th to June 7th at Nay Pyi Taw Cinema. This year' s motto for the third time is "Women". There will be four classical Myanmar films:

Khae (Mr. Sun Stone) (1983), Ta Kyaut Hna Kyaut Tay Ko Thi (Poem for Babies) (1971), Pho Pyone Cho (Mr. Sweet Smiley) (1955) and Ta Khar Ka Ta Ba Wa (Life, unique) (1978). "Old movies return a time in the story, the conditions and the situation in which humans were living and behaving during this time.

Unfortunately, there is an aging of these and many of them are threatened by damages. It' a seldom opportunity to see these good old films," said five-time Myanmar Academy Award winner U Kyi Soe Tun. Myanmar Treasure opens with the 1983 movie Nay Kyawt Khae (Mr Sun Stone) under the direction of Daw Thin Thin Yu.

A part of the picture was filmed at Inle Lake, and the support role, female and camerawoman were selected for the Myanmar Academy Awards. "We had great difficulty to find the picture because most of the material was corrupted by poor conservation. Luckily, three roles of 35mm films survive in the producing firm and we decided on the best show at the festival," said Daw Swe Zin Htike, an actress who was involved in organising the event and will perform as a visiting performer.

"We wanted to show Myanmar movies about the subject of womens, but many roles were damaged," she said. "It is a great waste that so few good movies have survived," she said. The Adventures of Prince Achmed will be titled by Laurel Art Academy Yangon University. All three other movies are from the Myanmar Film Archive.

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