The Beauty of Myanmar

Myanmar's beauty

Myanmar's beauty After your flight arrives at YANGON International Airport, your Mai Hsoong travel agent will welcome you and take you to your accommodation for check-in. Visited SULE PAGODA over 2,000 years ago. Dinner at the souvenir shop with own bank transfer. Following luncheon, the beautiful lying Buddha in CHAUK HTAT GYI, and after a stop for photos in the KARAWEIK HALL, a'hamsa-bird-shaped' swimming boat on the Kandawgyi (Royal) Lake.

KABA AYE (World Peace) PAGODA and the MAHAPASANA Cave, erected in memory of the 6th Buddha ist temple in 1954-56. Complement your YANGON experience with an extensive tour of one of the world's most stunning sights, the SHWEDAGON PAGODA. Evening meal and accommodation at the Yangon hotels.

Transfer to YANGON airport after breakfasts for a flight to BAGAN. After arriving in BAGAN, the guided walking route starts with the colourful NYAUNG U square to see the colours and people. Then, proceed to the most important BAGAN marble and temple, starting with the sparkling SHWEZIGON MAGODA, which King ANAWRAHTA erected in the early eleventh c, as a sacred sanctuary next to it, next to it, LOI LEE PERGODA,

known for its panorama views of the area' countless landmarks and visiting Rubyaukgyi (Myinkabar), erected in 1113 by King Kyansittha's sons, Rajaakumar and renowned for its well-preserved stucco work on the exterior and splendid wall paintings on the interior under UNESCO Heritage. Self-catering lunches at the village inn.

Later in the evening you will see Myanmar's most valuable craftsmanship and a paint shop near the small hamlet of MYINKABA. At the end of the marvellous cruise you can watch the sun set over the wonderful AYEYARWADDY stream from the top of the crucifix. Evening meal and accommodation at the BAGAN hotels.

Transfers to BAGAN International for your internal flights to MANDALAY after your morning meal. After arriving at MANDALAY International MANDALAY, the trip begins with the "royal capital" AVA, also known as Innwa, Ava was a regal town for hundreds of years. Begin by visiting a 150-year-old convent still in operation, the BARGAYAR MONESTRY. One of the oldest tea ak abbeys in Myanmar, it is an excellent example of ancient tradition.

Afterwards, the "interesting" journey continues to the NANMYINT WATCH TOWER, one of the few preserved buildings of the old building, albeit in shamble. Self-catering lunches at the village inn. In the afternoon we will head to the first of the three old capital cities, Ammarapura. Arrive in good season to see a very spectacular parade of hundreds of Buddhist friars at MAHAGANDAYONE MONASTERY, one of the biggest monastery facilities in Myanmar.

Once the setting light has set for your stunning outing, head back to MANDALAY and head to your accommodation. Evening meal and accommodation at the Maldalay hotels. Following our breakfasts, head to the former Myanmar capitol (MINGUN) and take a cruise on the AYEYARWADDY River to NINGUN, about 11 km (1 hour) upstream from MANDALAY.

The MINGUN BELL, HSINBYUME PAYA and the uncompleted BINGUNPAYA, which was to become the biggest monster in Myanmar, built by King BODAW PAYA, are among the cataclysm. Back to MANDALAY. Eat at a tavern. One of the most famous Shrine of the MYANMAR, which hosts the most revered Buddha pictures of all in the Buddha School, known as MAHAMUNI or PAYAGYI, which means "great sage".

Following the regular outpatient round of the main stupa, we head to the MANDALAY HILL with its celebrated sundown and its incomparable panorama view of the town at the basis. Evening meal and accommodation at the Maldalay hotels. Transfers to MANDALAY airport after breakfasts and return flights to YANGON.

Arriving at YANGON Aiport, you' ll walk through the BOGYOKE (SCOTTS) fair with thousands of groceries, clothing, crafts and gemstone shops. Cars and tour guides are available until your arrival.

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