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the beach bagan restaurant & bar, bagan: Dining in the Nyang U settlement of Bagan lets you find many good restaurants and cafes. Cheap hotels near Bagan Lalang Beach, Bagan Lalang.

Beach Bagan Restaurant & Bar

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Best restaurants to dine in Bagan Myanmar

The first people to visit Bagan are impressed by the more than 2000 sacred relics spread throughout the town. In addition to sight-seeing, the tourist also wants to know where to dine in Bagan. An atmospheric target with the gold sanctuaries and typical local food, Bagan has several important restaurants spread throughout the Nyang U, New Bagan and Old Bagan area.

In the Nyang U village of Bagan you will find many good places to eat and drink. There' s a restaurant road area, surrounded by places where visitors can eat and drink Thai cuisine, Thai cuisine, Thai cuisine, and more. A special feature is Weatherspoon's - the perfect place for expatriates and vacationers in Bagan.

It has fluent and welcoming English-speaking personnel, making it a recommendable place for overseas caterers. Otherwise, drive towards The Beach Restaurants for an unforgettable sunset. This beach is often crowded with gastronomic visitors who appreciate the ice-cold and cheap Myanmar Beers and the magnificent views of the gold temple from a distance.

Again, along with the restaurant, the Nyang U village of Bagan has the biggest number of places to stop by and fill your belly. Old Bagan is known for its open-air diners, and Star Beam is a real eye-catcher. Burma's specialities, juices and rejuvenating outdoor drinks make us relax.

So it is not surprising that the Old Bagan estate is usually populated by the free and simple gourmands, who rather dine in the folk area than on the luxury area. Unlike the old Bagan, the New Bagan housing estate is recognisable for its different flavours due to the mish-mash of restaurants. The Nooch Bagan is proud of its friendly personnel, its great cuisine, its huge and light meals.

Beside the entry there is also the connected karaoke / open-air dance room for relaxing after dinner. New Bagan's other intriguing restaurant is the tourist-oriented Silver House Restaurant, which offers inexpensive Myanmar cuisine and a friendly ambience to make up. The Green Elephant is the most rewarding option for the impressive views of the riverbank and Myanmar's great tradition of cuisine.

This is a touristy place, so you can enjoy the excellent food, the cosy atmosphere and the very nice views. Eventually, Bagan will never stop satisfying those travelers who either come to see tens of thousand of golden sanctuaries or to rescue Burma's food or both. As Bagan's sacred sites exceed your expectations, Burma's authentic gastronomic experiences are offered in the city' s numerous regional and regional eateries, so you know what they call them.

Myanmar food is appetising enough to spoil your taste buds.

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