The Akariz Resort

Akariz Resort

AKARIZ Resort is a popular choice for travelers in Chaungtha Beach, whether they are exploring or just passing through. Akariz Resort Hotel, Chaung Tha Beach. The Asia Holiday Agency offers reservation service for the Akariz Resort.

AKARIZ Resort in Chaung Thar: booking on-line, best prices

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Akariz Resort 4* (Myanmar/Chaung Tha). Subtitles by Red Bee Media Ltd Evaluation of Welthotels

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Great Sojourn - Review of the Akariz Resort, Chaungtha

All three of us were spending $60 a day in a luxury room where four people could sleep (four single berths, all in a row). It was impeccable and just a few paces from the swimming pools and the beaches. Oh, the shore, oh, the shore. The indigenous Son Son Son Su, a native lady, came to the shore and asked us to make a home-made meal.

It showed us the square about 20 min down the street or the shore. There is almost no transport and the local people could not be more pleasant.

AKARIZ Resort | Hotels in Myanmar

When you are looking for a well situated resort in Chaungtha Beach, look no further than AKARIZ Resort. This is the place where visitors have simple entrance to everything the vibrant town has to provide. Due to its favourable position, the AKARIZ Resort provides simple entrance to the sights of the town and the amenities and service of the AKARIZ Resort provide for a comfortable sojourn.

24 hour room services, 24 hour safety, personal check-in/check-out, taxiservice, ticketing are just some of the features that distinguish AKARIZ Resort from other urban hotels.59 rooms on 3 levels offer a cosy and comfortable home. The AKARIZ Resort is the ideal starting point for your Chaungtha Beach camp.

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