Thazin Flower in English

Thai flower in English

The Thazin orchid has had a place of honor in Myanmar since ancient times because it was considered a royal beauty, where it was then called'taw-win pan:' (?????

??????), which is'royal flower'. A Burmese poem says the king had the right to claim the first flowering bud of Thazin in the empire during the Conbaung, and any transgression was punished with death. ingyin ((????????) is Burma's third national flower. Name: Flower from the queen of the flowering tree. The Royal Flower name is Thazin Pann in Myanmar.

Everything about MyanmarMyanmar season flower by Nat Taw, Thazin (????)

You will see so many cathedrals everywhere from the moment you walked into Myanmar airport: Kids trying to give you a flower sale when you pass by, flower vendors arriving at your cab, packaged flower for sale in the grocery store, welcome flower sale at your hotels. Sure, the three seas of Myanmar make flower bloom all year round.

It' not odd that every Myanmar moon has its own flower. As an example, December is the Nat Taw of Myanmar. Drought y and sunshine began with a cold start in November (Tazaung Mone), but in Nat Taw the cold time of year is in full bloom, especially in the higher parts of Myanmar and the hills.

The lower cities of Myanmar like Yangon have pleasant temperatures, not too cold and not too high. Nat Taw and the surrounding area during this time favours every flowering. Or in other words, we can consider Nat Taw the'Month of Flowers'. From among the monthly flower list, let me tell you more about Nat Taw's flower because it has a very interesting place in Burma's people.

Nat Taw's flower, which is not found all year round, is called'Thazin' (????). However, among them is Bulbophyllum Ayuricomum, also known as the Golden Hairy Bulbophyllum, which is so appreciated and appreciated in Myanmar. The Thazin idea has had a place of honor in Myanmar since antiquity because it was regarded as regal beautyness, where it was then called'taw-win pan:' (?????????????), which is'royal flower'.

During the time of the Myanmar Empire, the King's household and farm were only permitted to have Thai blossoms on their coat or clothing. Plants thrive and thrive on the higher twigs of the mountain tree and are therefore often referred to as "Pin-Myin". The' -san' (???????????) is the flower that grows on the tree tops.

However most women in Myanmar today are wearing Thazin (????). It can be worn in their mushroom on the throat or in a sadon (??????), tied top or back of the skull, or in a myanmar'sadon'. Usually on particular events such as weddings, they create the ropes of Thazin to drop along their sadon.

Women in Myanmar believe that the use of Thazin makes them look beautiful and elegant. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Prize winner, even described Thazin's beauties in her novel Letter from Burma. Over the years many poetry and song have been composed about the beauties and pureness of the flower goddess Thazin.

This is one of the famed Thai poetry from the days of the Myanmar Magi. So if you have the opportunity to go to Myanmar or remain, don't try to find a particular present for your Myanmar buddies, just beautifully or romantically arrange the Thai King and give it to say thank you or a goodbye to them.

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