Dining out near Thazin Garden Hotel, Bagan on TripAdvisor: Here you can find travel reports and photos of restaurants near Thazin Garden Hotel in Bagan, Myanmar. The Thazin Garden Hotel, Bagan Picture: Thazin Garden Hotel, Bagan is located in the growing new archaeological zone of Began. The Thazin Garden Hotel is ideally located in Bagan and offers everything the city has to offer, right on the doorstep.

Thai Garden Hotel, Bagan: info, photos, critiques

In the guest rooms only guest registrants are permitted. There are no elevators in this building. In the case of a transfer, the guest must call the number indicated on the accommodation receipt before arriving. Name on the payment method used at check-in must be the main name on the guest room name.

All fees provided by this accommodation are inclusive. Prices may differ, however, depending on the length of your holiday or room.

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Thai Garden - Review of Thazin Garden Hotel, Bagan

Meals are fine, the TV stations are strange, many of the employees have very simple English, and the bathrooms were a little tight. It' s quite dark, on unpaved streets, but you need a transportation (like a bicycle) wherever you are in Bagan. It' s mainly a bungalow around a jungle park, and the rooms are all made of tea wood and craft.

One of the most beautiful resorts in the resort must be the Bouganvillea River basin. Everything is neat and tidy and everything works well. The employees are also enchanting and very supportive.

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