Thayet Myanmar

The Thayet of Myanmar

We will visit the local market of Thayet Myon and the golf club with the horse-drawn carriage and visit the Stupa of Tan Kyi with the van. The Thayet ("District", Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. Postcode database of Thayet, Magway, Myanmar.

Myanmars oldest course The Thayet GC + a short stop in Magway

Following the Anglo-Burmese war of 1852, the British invaded lower Myanmar as far as the cities of Thayet and Myay Htei. The British have assembled their armed force in Thayet with the goal of attacking Oberburma. Thayet GC is a 9-hole course with 6826 courses over 18 bores (9 bores x 2).

Par for 9-hole is 36 (72 for 18). A bunker, blindfolds, dog feet, hills and hillside kicks mark the course. From time to time the ball is fired across the street and all gaps are surrounded by a tree.

Associates Club to St. Andrews - Review of Thayet Golf Club, Thayet, Myanmar

Not one of the other horses and carriages has known this. The group traveled either by car and wagon or touk touc touk, from where our boat had paused on the banks of the Irrawaddy River near by. A few folks had a little fun on the puttin' greens, but we're not in the sport of playing and didn't find the trip very interesting.

Not a G&T in the clubhouse but.......... Were you at Thayet Golf Course?

Thayet Cement Works Becomes IPP

Myanmar's Ministry of Industry (MoI) invites both domestic and international investment to operate the state-owned Thayet regional Magwe concrete facility together under a public-private relationship (PPP), said U Zaw Lin Tun, Assistant Manager of No 2 Heavy Industrial Enterprise under the MoI.

The Thayet factory was shut down, which was a problem due to bad technologies and dependence on natural gasses for electricity supply, said U Zaw Lin Tun. The MoI, however, wants to modernize the facility with new technologies and substitute natural gas with coals as a less expensive energy resource.

Neither the environmental nor the inhabitants must be harmed by the carbon technologies used. Once the facility has been modernized, it will be able to manufacture 2500 t/d of concrete, more than twice its present production capability, said U Zaw Lin Tun. In Myanmar there are three state concrete works, among them No. 31 Heavy Industry (Thayet), No. 32 Heavy Industry (Kyangin) and No. 33 Heavy Industry (Kyaukse).

MoI is currently a partner of Myanmar Conch Co, a Myanmar-China JV, in the operation of the Kyaukse works in the Mandalay area. According to MoI, the facility can be used to manufacture 5000 t/d of concrete. Meanwhile, Parliament has stopped the operation of the 1600tpd Kyangin facility in the region of Ayeyarwady, which has been working at a deficit.

Currently, the MoI says the overall output of Myanmar is 6Mta.

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