Born Thayet of Conté, Thayet jian Wilima (pronounced THIGH-yet of kohn-TAY/ JEE-ahn WILL-ih-mah), is the queen and co-regent of Tortall, and is the wife of King Jonathan IV. The Thayet District is a district of the Magway Division in central Burma (Myanmar). Thayet is the administrative centre. Kels career, Fianola & Co, Alanna with the pages, Raoul/Thayet friendship. Be a patron of Thayet today:

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The Thayet of Conté, née Thayet ian Wilima (pronounced THIGH-yet of kohn-TAY/ JEE-ahn WILL-ih-mah), is the queen and co-regent of Tortall, and is the woman of King Jonathan IV. The only children of the deceased Adigun iin Wilima, a Saren warlords, and the deceased Kalasin, a she-prince. During Adigun was martial, Thayet had the title Duchess of Camau and Thanhyien, which were adornment.

Her name is Thayet the Peerless because of her incomparable natural beauties, second only to those of her deceased mum. King Thayet and Jonathan have six children: Prince Roald, Empress Kalasin Iliniat, Prince Liam, Princess Lianne, Prince Jasson and Princess Vania. He is the creator of the Queen's Corps, a combat force that includes both men and females.

As other Lowlanders turned against Lord Adigun, Thayet and Buriram Tourakom, their own guards and their family servants, were compelled to leave the land in 439 U[2][3] because of the Saren Civil War. You met Alanna, the lioness, Liam Ironarm and Coram Smythesson while the three were looking for the Dominion Jewel.

Thayet and Buri were given safety and an invite to go on their search and later come to Tortall after they found the Dominion Jewel. But Thayet said that although she did not know Alanna, she had known about Liam and knew that his kind did not take advantage of others.

So Thayet was compelled to dress up a few time and there were some assassinations on her fathers lives by rival. She was rejected from the Shrine for the award she had received from her own first daughter, First Daughter Cadao. As Liam showed rage that Thayet would be in jeopardy by her own relatives, Thayet saw the pressures under which Cadao was standing, and that neither Cadao, the template, nor the others who live in the template as a shrine, would be secure if Thayet were to remain there[2].

During this trip she became a good friend of Alanna and gave her urgently needed counsel on how to handle the hot-headed Liam Ironarm, Alanna's beloved. But Thayet did not take Alanna to the roof for her battle with Chitral, but reassured her girlfriend when she and Liam had a big argument about it[4].

When Alanna had the Dominion Jewel in her property, Thayet and Buri went with the travellers to Corus[5]. First Thayet was a little unsettled about making so much noise and being an impertinence, but Myle of Olau reassured her that she wasn't. But Thayet also wanted to give up her precious and regal origins to become a commoner under King Jonathan.

However, the König did not want to listen to it, since he was in love with her when he saw her. It was formally introduced to Jon and his courtyard as the Saren Highness and Queen Doge. When Jon had evacuated with Alanna, he began to pursue Thayet. His own experience with the wives of the farm, such as Alanna, Delia von Eldorne and Josiane Rittevon, made him uncertain of himself around her.

There Thayet was present at the coronation day in 439 HE. Then Thayet and Jon got 439 U[3], and Thayet became king and co-regent of Tortall. She was on par with her husbands as king and they consulted each other on state issues. It was Thayet who created the Queen's Readers, a combat force that included both men and woman in its line.

When Thayet began as commanding the troupe, her kingly and kingly responsibilities became too great. Then she handed the reins over to Buri, who ordered it until 460 U when she was planning to marry Raoul von Goldenlake, commanding her own king. While Buri's orders, Thayet often rides with them.

The Queen's Ladies - a group of fifteen young nobles who were able to compete with Thayet in both civic and militant roles - were also formed by Thayet. He is a strong advocate of womens and civil liberties and is very advanced in this area. Founding many ordinary children's colleges, she worked with her man to end violent acts against them.

Thayet gave her wholehearted support when her oldest child Kalasin showed interest in becoming a joust. But when she found out that King Jonathan had stopped them, she was pretty mad and didn't talk to him for a fortnight. She was privileged to help choose her prospective spouse and, together with her father and mother, selected Kaddar Iliniat, the Emperor of Karthak, as the best one.

When Veralidaine Sarrasri came to Corus with Onua Chamtong, Thayet was still commanding the Queen's riders. Thayet was mistaken for a middle-class guy when they first saw each other. As Daine learned of Thayet's real identities, she said it was not natural and not how aristocrats should act. Her way of saying that made it weird rather than offensive, and Thayet said she liked Daine's interesting way of thought.

Carthaki marauded when they were living with George Cooper and Lady Alanna at Pirate's Swoop, and knew that the Queens and their two eldest were there. When Daine could get help from an octopus and the forest creatures and the Tortallans could thus prevail in the war, Thayet was thankful to offer Daine a home.

Thayet and her man Daine, when Kaiser Ozorne of Karthak was interested in dealing with the Tortallans about freedom - that was a trick - invited them to go with the mission to cure the Emperor's precious and loved aviaries. It was Thayet's advice to Daine that good clothes make them safer and that a good dressing room is the least Thayet and the king can do for Daine.

In the course of the talks there was talk of a marriage covenant between Prince Kaddar and Princess Kalasin. Since Kally was only thirteen years old, neither Thayet nor Jon would consider to let her go immediately, although it took the king's wedlocks years to ordain her. During the attack of the Immortal War against Karthak, the Copper Islands, Scanra, Uusoae, the Queen of Chaos; Thayet participated in the battles.

Thayet was not involved in the debate between her man, Wyldon von Cavall, and Alanna when Keladry von Mindelan came out of the woodwork[6]. Thayet and her man were present at his case when it turned out that Joren of Stone Mountain was the culprit who was paying two men to abduct Lalasa Isran.

Then Kel asked Thayet and her man to amend the bill so that the ministers would not be judged only in coins. Thayet' s spouse approved to amend the bill after a few moments of consultation and debate with Raoul von Goldenlake[8]. Their oldest boy, Roald, was engaged to second class Yamani Island goddess Shinkokami[9].

When she would marry the seeming successor, Thayet, her man and the King's courtyard made a regal progress that would take 2 years and began in 257 U to show the queen to the empire and teach the humans what they needed. During the Grand Progress, Thayet met Keladry of Mindelan, then a miner, when the Yamani nobles presented her with the narinata.

After Sir Voelden's young minion had suffered an almost deadly knight's wound, Thayet also showed great affection and concern for Kel. As the Great Progress found its way northerly, Kings and Queens separated and were escorted through the perilous area by the Third Company and Lord Raoul, the King's Knight Commander.

But when the Koenig and the Koenigin were disappointed that they could do nothing, Vananget reassured them that everything had been done and that he could not keep them safe while he took care of his other responsibilities. Her Majesty gave in and took her man with her. Thayet also took action against her youth mate Buri during the Grand Progress because she had not attended societal terror.

He was less obtrusive than Lord Raoul, who behaved like a kid who had his toys taken away when the King ordered him to be there. When Thayet was with her man Keladry as a chevalier of the empire, she was one of three wives, among them Bury and Shinkokami, to unveil Kel's new shield[10].

While Veralidaine Sarrasri was expecting, Thayet made sure that her girlfriend was well looked after in the castle. At the christening of this young Queen Thayet was present at Fief Trebond in the northern part of Tortall. Also the mothers grand-parents, the Green Lady, and Weiryn, the deity of hunting, could participate.

Green Lady made the infant select a kind and a sex for the first five years of age. The Thayet is often described as one of the most gorgeous ladies in the world. As Thayet is a very powerful and impartial lady, it is seen that her relation to her husband, Jonathan, is indeed one of ardor.

JONATAN appreciates her views and thoughts, the only difference being when he kept Kalasin from becoming a knight while Thayet was away, which made her so furious that she declined to talk to him for a fortnight. In the nearest lands to Tortall, Queen Thayet is known for her martial arts and beauties.

For Winnamine Balitang, quoting Queens Thayet, Alianne of Pirate's Swoop must have been a struggling lady when the young lady was still a Balitang slaves. She is also unbelievably trendy and always setting the trend in her own farm. It is also the first female reigning empress in a long history to play a greater part in Tortall policy, using her powers and influences to improve the life of the men she governs.

This reflects in many ways an ancestor of her husbands wife, Jessamine, who was king in the mid-200s. Jessamin's term in office was noteworthy in that she took a more proactive political part than the women before her. Directly after his accession to the throne, Thayet worked to help the less fortunate.

Tortall citizens have Thayet to thank for their free education, free practitioners and many of their other privileges. Even Tortall woman can thank the king for many of her prerogatives. She is an experienced rider and archers. By the time she begins with her shinkokami and Yamani retinue of Yamani exercises, Thayet is already very familiar with the gun.

Thayet' s relation to her dad was tense, who frankly wanted a boy, although, according to Thayet, he loved her in his own way. Not agreeing with his position against the K'miri, Thayet had a particular affection for her mother's family. Thayet was sad when her mom killed herself by leaping from a balkony in protests, but stepped down with her sire.

After the outbreak of the Saren Civil War, she had to escape Sarain. Despite her differences, Thayet was still sorry to learn of her father's murder in Rachia. When Alanna finds the Dominion Jewel again and returns home - with Thayet and Buri-Thayet Jonathan only sees in a nightgown and is really quite astonished.

and Thayet becomes co-regent of Tortall. Their only big quarrel was when Thayet found out that her oldest daugther, Kally, had prevented her from becoming a chevalier because she feared it would spoil a good regal union, one that would be advantageous to the state.

And she hasn't spoken to her husbands for week. She was Buri's devout K'miri slave in Sarain, whose house Thayet had been serving for generation. Thayet' s servants are Buri, but they have an almost sister-like relation, as Buri is not worried about arguing with Thayet about all kinds of things.

But as soon as Thayet is king, she and Buri are a little distant. As Thayet was trying to dress up, she ran into Alanna in Sarain. You and Alanna started a relationship, and they both showed great respect. After Alanna and Liam had a big quarrel, Thayet comforted Alanna. The Thayet is also founded with Jonathan of Conté because of the intrigues of Alanna.

She is also a godmother of Alanna's three kids, Thom, Alan and Alianne from Pirate's Swoop. As Aly was younger, Thayet gave her a volume on the label of Fronia of Whitehall, a Marenite noble. She starts to call her Princess Thayet and then realises that her dad has disappeared from the world.

Then she changes to Lady Thayet and shows that Thayet would not keep her royal name. Although she is Lady Thayet in Sarain, Tortall decides to acknowledge her inheritance so that she can be a good spouse for King Jon.

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