Thayar Foods

The Thayar Foods

THEYAYAR FOOD PRODUCTS are here to stay. The Thayar Foods The THAYAR FOOD PRODUCTS was founded in 1997. It is the basic principle of the enterprise to provide its clients with high qualitative goods with individual services and quick deliver. So it' s no wonder that the organisation has a number of highly skilled people, comprising a commercial and commercial teams, seasoned manufacturing people, a QA and R&D teams.

Teamwork, love of detail and rigorous compliance with FSSAI specified qualitiy levels have made sure that the device has kept its high standard. thayar food products earned enormous acclaim and acknowledgement over the years. It is marketed under the " THAAYAR " name.

The company's pioneering market strategy has regularly made sure that its various brands penetrate all areas of the company. The careful supervision of the qualitiy standard has made sure that the project has a high value in the hearts of the customers. Our production is carried out on customer-specific machinery installed in a tidy, flawless and highly sanitary area.

A semiautomatic packaging line then packs the final mix. At THAYAR Foot Productions we pay particular care to each individual employee. Meals and lodging are provided and children's labor is avoided at all costs. The dough is produced under strict controls of workmanship. Gloves and clothing as well as environmental contamination - in addition to hygienic conditions, free ventilation is guaranteed.

The dough is packaged in a cold, environmentally sound environment. Finished goods are then thoroughly placed in a segregated room at a regulated heat. THAYAR Foot Produtcs are now packaged with new and appealing packaging material that meets the requirements of local government and is environmentally sound. The THAYAR FOD PRODUCTS would like to decorate your dinner tables again and again.

Ongoing demands for food that retains its nutritional value and authenticity. THAYAR FOOD PRODUCTS is a professional guided and quality-conscious company, with neat personal, company and intergovernmental relations, neat accounting and sincere handling, a gate to a sound and successful world.

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