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The Thaton Township (Burmese: ?????

???????) is a township of Thaton District in the Mon State of Myanmar. This is the home of the Thaton Institute of Agriculture. In this situation update you can see Tha Htoo[Thaton] Township. The Thaton Township is a township of the Thaton District in the state of Myanmar. This is the home of the Thaton Institute of Agriculture.

The Thaton Township, January to February 2015

Release Date: This situation update provides information on the lives of village residents, health care, community health, community health care, Burmese Ministry/Myanmar army base, and the activity of prosperous business people in Thaton Township, Thaton District, from January to February 2015. Organizations such as World Concern, the Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS) and United Nations organizations such as the United Nations Programme for International Cooperation (UNDP), the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) have joined Thaton Township since the signature of the provisional cease-fire to implement community based developments.

The Tatmadaw Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) #3, headed by Deputy Battalion Commander Zay Ya Win, came to the area on February 5, 2015 to remain in the A---Monastery to monitor the activity of community chiefs. Privately-owned enterprises in Burma have started building a sodium hydroxide solution plant in B--- Dorf, Noh Ta Hsguh Dorftrakt, Thaton Township.

Township residents Hpa-an and Thaton met and discussed how they could recover their seized lands to make room for the building of the sodium hydroxide solution plant. Here is a situational map showing Tha Htoo[Thaton] Township. Our parent organisation[the Karen National Union (KNU)] has established Tha Htoo[Thaton] Township for us.

It' located in the state of Mon and is known as Thaton Township, as the Burmese authorities used to call it. 3 ] This township is bounded by the Yangon and Hpa major streets. The Thaton municipality has 13 parts of the town. There are 72 towns in the 13 parts of the town. There are four parts of the Bilin municipality:

K'Dee Poo District, Khoh Tha Nay District and Shway Yaw Pya District. At Thaton Township, the locals are commoners. There is not much assistance in health care in the community of Thaton. Burma's federal administration has plans to construct hospitals in every town on a good street because it will be much simpler to get to the school.

While we know that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and Burmese civil servants have established hospitals in almost all Burmese towns, there are not enough healthcare personnel for every one. There' s only one group of backpack[8] located in Ta Rweh Hkee town, Ta Rweh Hkee town wing, Thaton Township.

They have enough healthcare professionals, but they can't work in every village[because there are many townships in this township]. NGOs working in our areas are World Concern, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), UNICEF, Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS), UNHCR, Life Skill Awareness Training and Mya Sein Yaung[9] Project Yaung City.

The Mya Sein Yaung Project: The Mya Sein Yaung Community has already established this scheme in several communities. They have already come to raise funds in Ta Maw Daw Vilageertract. Tatmadaw ] who have established their head office in our township are Light Infantry Division (LID)[11] #11[founded] in Nya Ta Weh; LIB #118[founded] in Thaton Myo Thit; LIB #9[founded] in Win Pa; LIB #3[founded] in Tan Ta Kyo; Infantry Battalion (IB)[12] #8[founded] in Bilin Town Section #8;

Artillery #402 in Noh Pa Htaw; Artillery #202 Thaton Myo Thit; LIB #206 under LID #22 in Kya Pan and its Armed Forces Headquarters in P'Nweh Klah and Wee Raw Dor.

Artillery Warehouses in our township are Artillery #314 in Zi Wan Nauk Ka Zaing; Artillery #402 in Noh Pa Htaw; Pa Nweh Klah Armeelager and Wee Raw Armeelager. 13 ] The governing militia is no longer as militant as before, because if we mention[before and after the ceasefire], we can see that they were more militant in the past.

He came to ask the chief of the hamlet for approval to go to D-Dorf. It is the responsibility of the local people[C--- villagers] that[the] governing army does not go to this community, as it is located near an area under KNU control. The Tatmadaw asked for approval before they went there, but the chief of the town did not allow them to go there.

Next they[ the Tatmadaw] did not tell the leader and left as they like. People in the villages are concerned about the state' s activities. At Maw Lay we can also say that the junta's forces had more activities with the administration than in the past. Between 2014 and 2015[the Armed Forces in] Ta Paw Armeelager, which has its headquarters in Bilin Township, are always operating in E--- Town.

The LIB #3, headed by the deputy battalion commander Zay Ya Win, came to the A---monastery on February 5, 2015 to monitor the actions of those in charge (i.e. the leaders of the villages). In mentioning these cases, we can say that[in these areas] the army of the administration has more activity than in the past.

Many wealthy men come to Thaton congregation. As we know, the Max Myanmar Company[14] is located in the area of Shway Yaung Pya. I went to B-Town, Noh Ta Hsguh Hill. I was told by the locals about a plant field[Background information on Da Nu Set Kwin Factory Number Two].

thaton township, which is a sodium hydroxide lye plant. In the past it was called Da Nuet Kwin factory number two. This plant is managed by U Maung Myin. He' running factories one and two.

11 enterprises gather to construct the sodium hydroxide solution plant. Sodium hydroxide solution factory's main activity is the production of paper, soap and other material. Zaw U Min Oo (Assistant Manager) said he will ask them to complete the plant within three month in 2015. Photographs above were taken on January 21, 2015 in B--- village, Noh Ta Hsguh Village street, Thaton Township, Thaton District.

Photographs above were taken on January 21, 2015 in B--- Village, Noh Ta Hsguh village street, Thaton Township, Thaton District. Photographs above were taken on January 21, 2015 in B--- Village, Noh Ta Hsguh village street, Thaton Township, Thaton District. Photographs above were taken on January 21, 2015 in B--- Village, Noh Ta Hsguh village street, Thaton Township, Thaton District.

The photograph was taken on January 5, 2015 in F--- village, Noh Klee villageertract, Hpa-an Township, Thaton District. This photograph shows the township inhabitants of Hpa-an and Thaton assembling to recover their land seized from the sodium hydroxide plant. 3 ] According to the boundaries of the Burma/Myanmar administration, the community of Thaton lies in the north Mon state.

According to KNU borders, the community of Thaton, known as Tha Htoo, belongs to the Doo Tha Htoo or Thaton district in Karen state. 5 ] Here, the scientist says that once the pupils have completed elementary schools, they will go to the state schools in Burma/Myanmar, which are in a different area. 6 ] A provisional cease-fire between the KNU and the authorities of Burma/Myanmar was initialled in Hpa-an on 12 January 2012.

Mya Sein Yaung is a credit campaign by the Burmese and Myanmar governments to help lower-income municipalities gain funding. "Thison Incident Report: The UNHCR starts the Bilin Township May 2014 urban planning projects and Thaton Situation Update: Bilin and Hpa-an Townships June to November 2014, February 2015. Its strong governmental ties enable it to obtain licences to buy imported automobiles, motorbikes and gas.

Mr. Bradley is also on the U.S. Treasury Department's black list for his continuing business with Myanmar militaries and former soldiers. Offic of Foreign Asset Control, sanctions list search, access on 25 April 2015 (last update on 23 April 2015). 15 ] Sodium hydroxide solution, generally known as alkaline solution, is an industry by-product of the chlorination process, usually available in granule or finished solution of various thicknesses.

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