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A little-known jewel, Ban Thaton is a municipality in the district of Mae Ai and in the province of Chiang Mai. Thai Ton, also called Thaton (Thai: ????

??), is a sub-district (Tambon) of the Mae Ai district in the far north of Chiang Mai province, Thailand.

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Tha Ton (??????, also called Tha Ton) is a small hamlet in the north of Chiang Mai Chiang Mai region, North Thailand with a number of hotel and guesthouse establishments at different rates. It is situated between Mae Ai and Mae Chan in the north of Chiang Mai in Thailand. It'?s a city on the bank of the Kok River.

A number of inns are located along the riverbank and others in the city itself. From the Thaton hills and the shores of the stream, the scenic view and the feeling of a small city make this a beautiful place to stay. Thenon to Chiang Mai is about 180 km on the highway and lasts about 3 hrs, but with an appropriate landscape on the way (especially through the curves of a mountains just north of Chiang Dao, keep your lunch).

From Thaton you can take the ferry to Chiang Rai, which will take about 3hrs. There' a 12:30 h boarding ship and it`ll cost 350 B rt, at least 4 persons. Obviously the official boats don't usually run from May to July, because the rivers "don't have enough water", but you can still rent a privat boats and go down the rivers for 2200 bugs.

It is a less costly and less strenuous adventure, especially if you hang around Thaton for a whole afternoon before leaving. Chiang Rai to Thaton is an upstream cruise that lasts about 5 hrs (time may vary depending on seasons, conditions and number of passengers). Busses leave several daily from/to the Chang Phuak bus station in Chiang Mai, the ride taking about 3 or 4 hoursĀ (prices approx. 90 Baht).

There are also busses to Chiang Rai and Bangkok, although more rarely. Travelling to Chiang Rai lasts a few and to Bangkok about 12 hour (890 km). There was only one coach to Chang Rai in May 2012 that departed at 15:00 and you had to transfer at Mae Chiang.

You can also drive from Thaton to Mae Salong and on to the Thailand/Myanmar boundary at Mae Sai/Tachilek. It is a small city and the main area around the viaduct and can easy be walked around (although the integrated area of 20,000 inhabitants is more extensive). It is the starting point for riverside excursions to Chiang Rai and mountain tribal towns in the area.

From here you can take a half-day long tail cruise to Chiang Rai, or just a one-hour down and back ride, which is great for relaxation. Inside 20 km from Thaton you can explore small towns populated by Pauang, Black Lahu, Akha and Yunnanes. Hikes and rafting can be organised in inns and hotel accommodation in the city.

Meanwhile, the thermal sources seen on the motorway maps to the west of the city should be designed, but so far (December 2014) they are only a very small pool with gushing warmth. Along the Mae Chan route there are also kite fruits oranges; the Thanathon Orchard (about 7 km from the Mae Kok River) has 40 bayt trips around the area.

Orange growers who grow orange trees in large local gardens are usually more priced than purchasing the same fruits from the Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai malls. At Wat Thaton (level 2) there is occasionally an open-air fair where members of the mountain community are selling handicrafts and refreshments.

Many small eateries offer Thai and some West cuisine. A few Chinese KMTs ("restaurants in China") were also included. There are some restaurant along the riverside where you can enjoy catch edibles, both from the riverside and from fishing farmers. Also, several sellers in the afternoons and evenings are selling groceries that are often not found in places like Rotis and "thousand-year-old" egg.

In Thaton there are currently no pubs, although most places offer alcoholic beverages. There' s a guard of the tourists guards near the viaduct, although there are no serious crimes in Thaton. The unlikely case of a bitten tooth you should get vaccinated as soon as possible at Mae Ai Hospital, 9 kilometres southern of Thaton in the city of Mae Ai.

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