Thanlyin Township Map

thananlyin township map

The site shows the location of Thanlyin, Republic of Myanmar on a detailed road map. The Thanlyin is one of Burma's most important port cities and lies on the other side of the Bago River opposite the city of Yangon. View detailed road map of Thanlyin Thanlyin' map is provided by Google. Thanlyin from another view. When you like this map of Thanlyin, Republic of Myanmar, please do not keep it to yourself.

Free map of Thanlyin. This map of Thanlyin, Republic of Myanmar, can be integrated into your website as well.

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The Yangon International School ( "YIS") is a privately owned prep and preparation center in Yangon, Myanmar.

The Yangon International school is a privately owned prep and preparation center in Yangon, Myanmar. NR1 (National Motorway 1, or" The Way to Mandalay") is an important south-north motorway in mainland Burma and the most congested one. Belmond Governor's Residence is a Victorian-style resort in Dagon Township, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), in a 1920s villa in the heart of the city.

Myanlyin Bridging (Burmese: ?????? ?????) is a link between the towns of Thanlyin and Yangon in Myanmar. It traverses the 1 km broad Bago Riviera, about 42 km north-east of the Yangon Riviera join. People' s Square and Park is one of the largest theme park around the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar.

The Guanyin Gumiao Temple (Chinese: G?miào; pinyin: G?miào G?miào, also known as the Guangdong Guanyin Temple) is one of two large China churches within the Latha Township in Yangon's Chinatown. Aung Kyaw or Road, formerly Savings St, is a main road that runs through the Kyauktada Township and Botataung Township in Yangon, Burma's southwest.

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