Thanlyin Technology University

Technical University of Thanlyin

Thanlyin Technical University (TU Thanlyin). Wellcome to the Technical University (Thanlyin) | Thanlyin Technological University, Myanmar (Burma). Wellcome to the Technical University (Thanlyin) | Thanlyin Technological University, Myanmar (Burma).

Bring out calibre engeneers

It is at this location that high schools students join together to form a team of professionals. It also has two technical and a number of privately funded technical and technical education institutions. Since I am studying at the Thanlyin Technology University (TTU), I will be writing my own experience at this university.

TTU has trained a large number of scientists and technicians in the last three years since its foundation in 1986. It was converted into a technology centre nine years later and became a state technology university again in 1999. University of Thanlyin is situated on Thanlyin-Kyauktan Street, almost at the end of Thanlyin Municipality and near Kyauktan Municipality.

First-year students are admitted every year in mid-November. The grades needed for admissions differ depending on the situation of the 26 technical colleges in the state. Currently, these institutions of higher education are offering nine specialised study programmes. These are the study programmes Civil Engineering, Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Communications Engineering, Mechatronics, Information Technology, Electrical Power Engineering, Petroleum Engineering and Chemical Engineering.

Applicants to the universities of applied sciences they are going to attend are the next stage for admission. You become a graduate of the Technical University as soon as a specialised course of studies is available. When I was approved, the Associate of Government Technology Institute (AGTI) at the end of the second year, the Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) after the 4th year and the Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) after the 5th year.

Today, in order to obtain a B.E. qualification, it takes six years of study in a row. TTU annually organises excursions, practical training for college and college undergraduates and plant tours. It is obligatory to do a two-month practical course to facilitate the theses. The only two busses that arrive at the TTU are the 70 between Botataung and TTU and the 33 between Yuzana Plaza and Kyauktan.

You seldom see you drive or compete with other busses, but the major disadvantage of this is its long drive. It is sometimes difficult for a student who lives in the citieship Thanlyin to get on these busses. In addition, if there's a busted car on the Thanlyin-Brücke, you're probably too tardy for school.

I' d like to propose that we replace 33 busses with bigger citybuses. There are 70 busses at the university entrance until 5 pm. For most of the day there are 70 busses that are willing to collect student participants in these programmes, but there are also some nights when there are no 70-seven.

From Kyauktan, 33 busses would increase their ticket prices on these dates and would be so crowded that they would not be able to be boarded by them. Pupils then have to stay from half an hours to an hours just to get on the coach. This are some of the drawbacks of founding suburban colleges.

One of Maung Zarni Myo's classmates in a lodging house said: "My hometown is Myeik in the Tanintharyi area. People from another area, like me, need shelters. When our youth lodgings are far from the university, we have to spend more money on transport. Therefore, the student tries to live in halls of residence in the immediate vicinity of their university.

Pupils must use the nearest stands for meals after careful calculation of expenses. A few pupils get enough cash from their parent, while others get less. Prospective engineers need to know that there is more to Mechanical Design than just how to design. Law, ethical and security requirements contained in the last year of the course should be absorbed as they are essential for an engineer's work.

Finally, the pupils should take good look after themselves and live a healthier lifestyle. I hope that these proposals will make it possible for prospective engineer trainees to become clever and clever as well.

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