Thanlyin Star City Project

The Thanlyin Star City Project

The Thanylin Estate Development Co Ltd. is responsible for the development of the Star City project in Thanlyin. One of FMI's most important projects is Star City.

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Yoma Strategic Holdings' joint venture Star City unveiled its new corporate identity during a launching ceremony at Novotel Yangon Max Hotel on August 14. It will take Star City residential project in Thanlyin to complete five to eight years, the developer said in a newsroom. Work on the residential project began in 2010.

According to the developer, almost 40 per cent of the project has been completed. In the Thanlyin Star City region, Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd. has entered into a contract with Education Index Management to plan, construct and run a premier global education center. Thanlyin Estate and SPA Project Management have selected a syndicate of Dragages Singapore, a Bouygues Building company, and SPA Project Management to plan and construct a new stage of Star City, a Yangon housing area.

The Myanmar-centric firm said Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd. held a topping-out ceremonies, a classic structural engineering experience, in Zone B B1 of its Star City complex. Singapore real estate group Yoma Strategic Holdings (YSH) tripled its net income in the first three months of 2014-15 thanks to capital appreciation on its Myanmar properties.

The Thanlyin Star City - New City Vietnam

You now have the chance to live with them in a luxury new home while investing in your own futures. At the outskirts of Yangon, in Thanlyin Township, an exlusive verdant harbour municipality is emerging that shows Myanmar's glowing years. 1st Thanlyin Star City, "Star*City Yangon in Myanmar", called February 14, 2014,

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The Thanlyin Star City Project is taking form

Marketingbrochures are usually not known for their gloom, but perhaps the creators of Thanlyin Star City are too careful when they say it's a 35-minute ride from the website to the center of the city. A recent site tour took 20 mins from the settlement's entrance near the Yangon-Thanlyin Bridge to the Myanmar Times offices on Bo Aung Kyaw Street in Kyauktada Town.

It was 5 pm and the ride was against the road, Bo Aung Kyaw is not quite the centre of the city and the Jeep that was a latest-generation Jeep had been in perfect state. The first Myanmar Investment (FMI) and Serge Pun and Associates (SPA), developer of FMI Hood Pun Thlaing Golf Estate in FMI Hood Tharyar has set themselves the goal of providing a burgeoning urban community with a different kind of lodging with Star City developments.

"We' re throwing Star City in Myanmar into the middle to higher earning classes and believe that we will achieve this goal very effectively," said Ko Soe Thiha Hlaing, SPA' s Directors of Sale and Marketingm. When you want one with a direct look over the Bago River to Yangon and the Shwedagon Pagoda - wonderfully unhindered by flowers, plants or other edifices - and the cost is a little higher.

They will be erected in a triangular star form and will contain a combined capacity of 150 modules. Every property will include a mixture of one-room studio flats and four-room duplex flats. This will certainly be a welcome suprise for those who are used to "reverberating" without partition walls.

The smallest one-room flats, which have a cosy area of 622 m², have sufficient room for your own bathroom, cooking, dining room and lounge. Two-storey flats are also located on the top floors of the houses and offer a better overview of the surroundings. Construction of the first house at the moment of the letter was completed up to the 7th storey, but almost entirely booked out well in front.

The work on the foundations for the second construction has only just begun, but the sale has already begun, undoubtedly supported by a major opening and exhibit in front of the Ya-Hta on November 26th. Here, scaled versions of the Star City project as well as computer-generated visualizations of the site and interactive tours of the various apartment categories were presented to viewers.

"We' re pleased about the participation and the great interest in the opening of the exhibition," said Ko Soe Thiha Hlaing. "But at the same we are also conscious that this is only the beginning of an interesting design, development and commercialization of a small pilot city," he said.

Mr. Ko Soe Thiha Hlaing added that since 24 November more than 60 or more than 30 per cent of these vehicles have been for sale in the second facility. In addition to competitively priced premises, Thanlyin Star City will also offer recreational and recreational facilities outside the facilities, while downstairs premises will offer shops.

Thanlyin Star City may be a pessimist about travelling time, but if the remainder of the story goes as expected, as the front page says, Thanlyin Star City could be "a future modelling community".

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