Thanlyin Sightseeing

onlyin sightseeing

The Thanlyin Full Day Tour in Myanmar At 7:30 a.m. after having lunch at your accommodation you begin your tour and cross the Yangon to Thanlyin ("Syriam"). Kyaik Khauk Paya, Thanlyin Market, Portuguese Church and Kyauktan Yele Pagode - a small isle in the centre of the city. In order to get there, take one of the many starting ferryboats from the water.

Return to Yangon in the evening and shuttle to your accommodation. Soak up the sun at the "Shwedagon Pagoda", the most stunning monument in the world. "The" Shwedagon Pagoda" is the core of the Myanmar tribe and shows how much the Myanmar tribe believes in Buddhism and respects it.

Afterwards, return to your accommodation.

One of Thanlyin's most famous attractions! - Review by Kyaik-Khauk Paya, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

Situated on a small island in the centre of the stream, it is a pilgrimage of large popcorn and bread. We' ve been here a few nights and were thrilled by its greatness, importance and sheen. We meet a scientist who informed us about our birthdays ("Actual Date Of The Week") & we were celebrating our Tuesday and Friday by having our faces washed in holy waters & having our mugs splashed with hot jets of hot chocolate over the statues.

Beautiful trip through the countryside and people, then a brief cruise over 5.000kyats for two people, allows you to enter the swimming cloakroom. A further 2.000kyats for a touristic entrance into the marina and then you can move around in peace and visit several marinas.

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Thanlyin' Sightseeing. Trip to Thanlyin, across the Yangon River on the Thanlyin Bridge, about 45 minutes by road from Yangon. Once in Thanlyin, the Kyaikkhauk Pagoda and the Yele Pagoda (a pagoda on a small island) in Kyauktan are definitely a must. We return to Yangon. Later in the day you will go to the Bogyoke Aung San (Scott) Mark where you can buy many Yangon memorabilia.

At night, you' ll be visiting the Botataung Pagoda, a renowned Yangon coast symbol, where you can see Buddha's Hairy Reliquary and the Nanthida Jetty to see those who come and go to work from both sides of the Yangon River. You will receive a 24-hour email to confirm your order. If you do not specify your accommodation data when making your reservation, a reservation may be cancelled.

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