Thanlyin Refinery

thenlyin refinery

A visit to the Thanlyin Refinery - Myanmar. Thanlyin Refinery - Lpg Terminal - in Myanmar. THANLYINE refinery works almost completely A refinery spokesman said last August that the repairs at the Thanlyin refinery of Myanma Petrochemical Enterprise in the Yangon region will be over. The work began in June 2008 and will be carried out by Yaung Ni Oo Co Ltd., with the necessary machines and devices from Angelique International Ltd.

brought in from India, the spokesman said.

The refinery currently operates only one of its two distilleries and produces about 300,000 gallon of gas per hour, about half of its initial fuel cell capacities, the spokesman said. "The goal of the refurbishment is to re-establish manufacturing capability at about 570,000 gallon per day," the spokesman said, added that once the repair work is over.

Thanlyin is one of three petroleum factories run by Myanma Petrochemical Enterprise under the Ministry of Energy. "We just need to buy a few more articles and then test the system to see if it is refined as much as it should," the spokesman said. The spokesman said, however, that the repairs were well behind plan.

Key work included the construction of a new $7 million 4.5 megawatt thermal energy station, a new boiler, a recuperator, refrigeration and about 20 compressors that will provide both raw stills ($8.7 million in total). There are other refurbishments, including a new $520,000 facility for treating wastewater and a $600,000 lab with test rig.

Approximately $2 million was also invested in the modernization of the refinery dock. "In addition, approximately $1.2 million was expended to purchase gear for Refinery No. 2 in Chauk, an Ölraffinerie in Mann (oil field) and a LPG facility in Minbu, all located in the Magway region," the spokesman said.

Approximately 80 per cent of the refinery's refinery crude is petrol, which also produces LPG and jet petrol.

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