The city Thanlyin or Syriam, as it used to be called, has a rich history with many pagodas and monuments. The Thanlyin is a city in the Yangon Division of the Irrawaddy region of Myanmar. Once an important city in the Irrawaddy Delta, Thanlyin and Kyauktan (Syriam) is now a forgotten suburb of Yangon. The Thanlyin is located at the confluence of the Yangon and Bago rivers, more precisely on the southern bank of the Bago. You will spend half a day in Thanlyin, a historic port that is now a picturesque and sleepy village.

Kyai Khauk Pagoda & Island Pagoda

Thanlyin, or Syriam as it was formerly called, is a city with a long tradition and many ancient cloisters. It' across from Yangon on the other side of the Yangon riverbank, which is linked to Yangon by one of Burma's longest overpasses. The Thanlyin is home to Burma's biggest seaport, Thilawa Harbour, south of Thanlyin.

Its main features are the Kyaik Hmaw Wun Wooden Day and the Kyaik Khauk Day Day Day in the Kyauktan Valley, south of Thanlyin, as well as some old British controlled settlement houses from the days when the town was still under British rule. Kyaik Khauk Paya is a nice, impressing coupé in the same way as the Shwedagon coupé in Yangon.

It is thought that the marquee was constructed more than 2,000 years ago, after which it was extended and restored several time. Surrounding the basis of the cloakroom are many small gold Stupa. As in any Burma sanctuary, please take off your boots and your hat.

Situated on a small mound on Kyaik Khauk Street towards Kyauktan in the southeast edge of the city of Thanlyin. Kyaik Hmaw Wun Wagode and the sanctuary are on a small islet in the Kyauktan Riverside, about 15 kilometres south of Thanlyin. Also known as Ye Le Pagode or Inselpagode.

Only way to the church is with a small ferry to the Isle of the Rivers, which only lasts a few mins. More than 2,000 years ago, the building was much smaller than it is today. There is a gorgeous gold Buddha picture on the top of the page in a small, elaborately ornamented room.

There are several ornate monuments in the temples with delicate woodcarvings and gold ornaments covered with a multi-storey pyatthat thatch. As the whole archipelago is a Templesplex, you will have to take off your boots and sneakers. The entry costs US$ 2, the waters around the small isle are full of catfishes that wait for forage.

There are several gift stores and diners along the promenade, where the boat for the temporary residence awaits the people. Thanlyin, or Syriam with its old name, has been an important harbour since the fifteenth cent. 1599 Pegu (today Bago) and Syriam were captured by the forces of a portugese soldier called Filipe de Brito e Nicote, who was fighting for the king of Arakan, a kingdom that exists in today's Rakhine state.

The Brito, who took over Syriam, tried to turn it into a Portugese settlement and converted its people to Catholicism. 1613 Syriam was attacked by the armies of King Anaukpetlun, the sovereign of the Taungoo family. Thanlyin' is right across from Yangon. From the city centre to Thanlyin a cab should be about 5 US$ for one way.

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