Thanlwin Hotel Mawlamyine

Hotel Mawlamyine

The Than Lwin Hotel is located in Mawlamyine and has air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi. Booking Than Lwin Hotel, Mawlamyine on TripAdvisor: The Than Lwin Hotel is located in Mawlamyine and has air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi. The Than Lwin Hotel is located in Mawlamyine and has air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi. The Lwin Hotel and Restaurant is conveniently located in the popular Mawlamyine area.

Mawlamyine - Than Lwin Hotel - Update in 2018

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Thanlwin Hotel is a colonial-style hotel that looks like a run-down copy of the old Raffles Hotel in Singapore. The Thanlwin Hotel is definitely the place to spend the night in Mawlamyine if you are looking for rural charms and temper. The rooms are quite simple, however, and you can select either ventilating or air-conditioning rooms with bedding in which conventional bed mats are pulled down from above.

There are only two rooms in the hotel with en-suite baths, all other rooms share a common one. When you want to remain on top, your room opens onto a terrace from which you can watch beautiful sundowns over the Thanlwin rivier. Thanlwin Hotel is situated halfway between the two city centers of Zeigyi (near the waterfront) and Zeigyo (near the coach station), so the situation is somewhat unfavorable, although the city center is easily accessible by local transportation from the highways.

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