Thandwe to Yangon Bus

From Thandwe to Yangon Bus

Is there a VIP bus? The video clip was shot at Thandwe Airport, Ngapali Beach, Myanmar. Beach Ngapali Flying from Yangon to Ngapali Beach takes about 45 mins. Between October and April there are frequent services from Yangon to Thandwe Airport (Ngapali) during the drought. However, if necessary there are busses between Yangon, Aung Migalar Bus Station and Thandwe every day.

Ie Aung Lan and Aung Thitsar are known to perform surgery every day.

Coming to Thandwe, usually in the early hours of the day, you will need to take a cab or motorbike to get to Ngapali Beach.

Stay & Arrival

Accommodation is available at Nan Myint San Guest House in Kyeintali. The accommodation is easy, but neat and convenient. Each room has its own bathroom with west facing toilets and showers, the others have a shared bathroom with a squatting WC and a slush. You have two ways to get to Kyeintali: Optional 1: Bus from Yangon - the longer but more adventure trail.

Take the early bird air-conditioned bus from Aung Mingalar Highway Terminal bus terminal just off Yangon. Can vary according to the time of year. Optional 2: Bus from Ngapali/Thandwe. When you are already in Ngapali Beach or Thandwe, it is very easy to take a bus to Kyeintali, just 40 km just south of the city.

There are several air-conditioned busses daily to Kyeintali and on to Yangon from the bus terminal near Thandwe Market. Fees: about $5.00/pp, but can vary according to the seasons. Optional 3 or Thandwe's most adventure pick-up. You can also arrange a Ngapali or Thandwe vehicle.

Directions to our office

The Nyaung Chaung along the highway and the Zikhone villages with its beaches are one. Yangon's major highway, which connects Yangon via Gwa with the famed Ngapali Sea, runs through the wide, green Ayarawaddi plains before it crosses the Arakan Mountains. We descend to Gwa, the southernmost city of Rakhine state, the street turns north, past our bus stop in Nyaung Chaung, through Kanthayar and on to Thandwe and Ngapali.

It has improved enormously in recent years with its position as the major south highway to Ngapali.

Continue along the dirt track to our town in a few mins. On the Hopfenstra├če you continue to drive ahead, passing the Zikhone Convent, crossing the small viaduct and seeing an electrical power converter on the right. If you are on the high street or with riders, please indicate Nyaung Chaung (-Zikhone) when indicating your goal or asking for directions.

We' ll gladly meet you at the Nyaung Chaung bus stop. There are two bus operators serving the Yangon-Ngapali line twice a daily. Myo Sat Thit and Ye Aung Lan both run new AC buses that depart simultaneously from the Aung Minglar bus sta. Seated reservation is best purchased at Aung San Stadium, opposite Yangon train/cabin.

Yangon's early mornings buses are great because you get to our chalet in good timing to look around, bathe and set up for the sun set! These two bus operators run AC buses twice a day via Kanthayar - Gwa to Yangon. First, they collect the visitors along the Ngapali-Hotelstra├če, then they stop at the bus terminal in Thandwe before they take the street.

Ngapali Hotel can help you with your seating reservation and get your ticket. From Ngapali, take a day trip with flights from Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Heho Inle Lake. If you are arriving from Ngapali by AC bus, your aircraft should be at Thandwe Airport before 1:00 pm.

Transfers from the airport to Thandwe city centre, buy bus tickets (see above) and you have enough free day for a walk around the bus terminal before you leave at 3:00 pm. You' ll get to Nyaung Chaung by 7:00 p.m. at the latest. Take Patheinstrasse via Panthanaw to Kyaung Gon.

Take a right turn until you go through Yekyi, keep to your lefthand side and continue past Nathain Chaung. You will then come to the Y-junction with a turn-off to the lefthand direction Gwa - Ngapali, which leads into the city. In Gwa, turn right at the T-junction and continue for 20 km on the highway before you see the white-red telecommunications storm of Nyaung Chaung.

The Yangon driver charges around 250,000 Kyats for the journey. This winding mountain route is perfect for motorcyclists.

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