Thandwe Beach

The Thandwe Beach

Booking Thande Beach Hotel, Ngapali on TripAdvisor: Thandwe' limelight is the beach of Ngapali! You will find the best resorts and activities with tourist information for the spectacular Ngapali Beach, crisp white sand, light blue water and coconut-lined foothills. Situated about six kilometres inland from Ngapali beach, Thandwe is a small but important town on the west coast of Myanmar. Ngapali Beach, Thandwe, Yakhine, Myanmar.

Beach activites

Myanmar's most important beach is Ngapali (pronounced Napalli and called after the town of Naples in Italy). Situated on the Bay of Bengal in the state of Rakhine, the key characteristic is an unspoilt coastline fringed by sandy beaches and palms, with a series of resort areas alongside historic fishermen's communities.

A number of new hotels have also been developed on the beach near the international airports (named Thandwe after the city in the interior of the country, but in fact nearer to Ngapali - about six kilometers northern of the beach). In Ngapali you can relax and enjoy the sea, but also go on excursions with a boat, go canoeing, snorkeling or snorkeling amidst the colourful sea life and biking or motorcycling on the beach and in some of the surrounding countrys.

For more information on aquatic activities, please consult the website of the Ngapali Watersport Centre. There is also an 18-hole course between the most important beach resort and the beach and the airport. It is possible to surf during the monsoons, the calmest period of the year in Ngapali. It can be a beautiful period, but the selection of accommodation is limited - and it can be raining for long times.

Floaters should also be cognizant that the current can be dangerous at this season. Situated along the beach, just down the southern side of the hotel, is the fishermen's town of Jate Taw (Gyeik Taw), which is a part of Ngapali's well-kept resort lifestyle (and may be eaten up by the building of other hotels).

Farther southwards, in the next cove, you will see the country life of Myanmar, which is still largely uninfluenced by contemporary developments. Situated about two to three kilometers from the beach (the distances depend on the type of accommodation you stay in), the first fishermen's town is within walking distance. 2 to 3 kilometers from the beach.

In order to reach the next cove further southwards, it is recommended to rent a bike (approx. K2000/hour), a motorcycle (approx. K3000/hour) or take it on a fishermen' s cruise. Boating trips take you to the fishermen's village, offshore island, snorkeling or Tilawkasayambhu Buddha, which is located on a hill at the end of the cove just South of Ngapali and offers a panorama view over the cove and the seas.

You' ll have to drive all the way to the end of the cove just south of the beach of Ngapali and then up the hillside - and remember that the last section is quite precipitous and rocks! For the best view of Ngapali and the nearby coast, you can go to the sky in a warm aeroplane; the cost is US$275 per passenger and you can make your reservation by pressing the buttons on the right side of this page (the aeroplane ride in Ngapali lasts from November to the end of March).

Half and full days in the Ngapali region are also possible with high class Mountainbikes and Guide to learn more about us. When you are a little away from the beach, the village of Thandwe (called Sandoway in Spanish settlement ) offers a series of marquees and a bustling fair that are well deserved to be visited.

It' seven kilometers from Ngapali upcountry. Watch our YouTube movie of Ngapali beach and visit our Flickr photoset for a larger choice of pictures of the beach and its surroundings. Not surprisingly, Ngapali offers tasty sea food such as roasted cuttlefish, giant shrimp, lobsters, snapper, barracudas, curry and more.

The majority of them have beach bars open to everyone, and at lunch time you can visit the self-contained beach bars around Angel Bar and the beach bars in the middle of the town. Situated just off the coastline just off Ngapali, Pearl Island is a delightful place where huge lobster is eaten in a sunroofed beach café.

You will also find a dozen diners, as well as arts and souvenirs stores lining the beach along the beach's major avenue. The largest coupling at the northern end of the beach. Myanmar offers a wide range of trips, including Ngapali Beach - learn more here.

Please be aware that most are closed in the low seasons from May to October, although a small number of hostels are open all year round. In Ngapali the cheap and middle accommodations are restricted - Ngwe Saung and Chaung Tha provide a better choice of cheap accommodations. Along the highway that parallels the beach of Ngapali, there are a number of ATM machines, some of which are upscale such as Amata Resort.

There are no limits on travelling in the area and it is quite secure for foreign visitors to the beach of Ngapali.

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