The town Thandwe is a pretty little town on the coast of Rakhine, but the main attraction for visitors is Ngapali Beach. It is said that Thandwe is very old and was once the capital of the state of Rakhine, then called Arakan. Thandwe Airport SNW, Myanmar hotels. Receive the Thandwe weather forecast. Booking your flight from Yangon (RGN) to Thandwe (SNW) with our best price guarantee.

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Thu?dwe International ( "Thandwe Airport", IATA: SNW, ICAO: VYTD) is an airport/city serviced by Thandwe, a city in the state of Rakhine. Information on airports for World Aero Data's World Aero Team. Dates as of October 2006: Information for SNW at the Great Circle Mapper. 35th AT72 KBZ aircraft in Thandwe on 17 February 2012, "Slope outing, transmission collapse".

That Burma airfield story is a blunt one.

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The Ngapali Beaches (Burmese ????) is situated in the state of Rakhine, West Burma. The Ngapali Strand is a sandy area 7 km from the city of Thandwe in the state of Rakhine. This is Myanmar's most celebrated and a favourite traveler. A number of resort and hotel establishments are situated in Ngapali, usually the high-end such as Bayview Ngapali, Amata Resort, and the state Anawa National.

Because of the choice of food, sleep and other possibilities, the south route is rather recommendable. Formerly Ngapali had privately-owned cottages, but these were demolished in the end of the 90s to make room for the hotel developments. Accommodation and the small tourist industries help to secure an incomes for the communities around Ngapali and Thandwe.

Myanmar's policy environment means that Ngapali is not as well known as other good South East Asian sands. The Ngapali is mainly aimed at wealthy aliens. Most of the local people live in cabins and do in one months what a visitor would spend in a few barbeachcocks.

There are a couple of dozens of less expensive guest houses along the Strandstraße, but on the other side of the street. To see humans in extremely poor beside a large resorts is widespread in Ngapali. The city Thandwe is close to the motorway. There are probably touristic busses to Ngapali, but busses for locals stop at 18.46875294.

A 3683121 Thandwe coach station. Coaches for locals can be just as convenient, but the place and the way you get a coach pass will usually determine which coach you use. In Yangon - Many straight coaches. Ask your chosen Yangon guidebook or your chosen hotels. If you just arrive at the Dagon Ayar Highway coach station, you can expect an unpleasant coach or long waits.

From Pathein, take a 3 hour shuttle service to Ngathaingchaung starting at 09:30 and costing 1,500Kyats. From the Paradise Hotel between Zay Chaung St. and Myay Nu Rd. there are small pick-ups to take you to the Highway Coach Station for the Ngathaingchaung Coach.

Cross the big viaduct in Ngathaingchaung and go about 300 m westwards to the end of the city, from where you can take a straight AC coach to Ngapali. There' s a lot of people coming over from Yangon, just chop them up. The Mrauk U - The (mini-)bus stops in Thandwe. Typhoon - Many busses or minibuses per daily from the city' s main train terminal.

Year of Yangon - 12 hours, US$60-80. You can buy your ticket at Bayview Beach Resort. The 2991182 Thandwe International is located 3 km from Ngapali Beach. There are many carriers (Air Bagan, Air KBZ, Air Mandalay, Asia Wing, Golden Myanmar, Mann Yadanarpon Airways, FMI Air, Yangon Airways) flying regularly from Yangon and other cities in Myanmar, sometimes with a stopover in Sittwe.

The Ngapali Beaches extends along a 12 km long coastline. There is a charge of 2,000 kilo to both ends of the shore for a cab or motorcycle. The most places and restaurant/restaurant at 3214593 or at the south of Ngapali, even the international airports to the northern part, are within walking distance. Pick ups or split delivery trucks are between 300 and 500k yat along the shore or to Thandwe.

If you are not already happy with the nice sandy beach, there are some places of interest, especially the dark "dead" monks at the highways. 33222871 Pearl Island (Just off the shore at the south end of Ngapali Beach). Mostly 2508582 Black Sand Island (Zalat Htone) (Far behind the airfield at the exit of the Sandoway (Thandwe) River).

Thandwe Government Market (200 metres SW of the bridge). 35%79035 Nan Daw Pagode (Thandwe) (approx. 1km by foot at Thandwe central train terminal to the northwest). Situated on a 50-60 metre hillside overlooking Thandwe and the city. Ó3216 "Dead" Monk, Salone/Zalun Monastery (17 km southwards of Thandwe on the motorway).

It is 3504877 Kinmaw town (. 18 km from Thandwe on the highway). In Ngapali you can see and do different things, but maybe you just want to choose the most interesting ones: There are far more thrilling things to do in the area. A 3461691 Andrew Bay (Andrew Bay begins at the south end of Ngapali).

If you don't want to take the ferry, the way back along the northern route that passes Thandwe is 41 km, so take either a good bike or a good pick-up. D-3196522 Ngapali Golf Course (in the heart of Ngapali). Kayak (Try Bayview Beach Resort or hire Sand Beach Bar).

It is the perfect place to discover the many coves and mangroves around Ngapali. Discover the area around Ngapali and Thandwe. It has a shop cluster near the crossroads and along the south route. The Ngapali is known for its shellfish. You have many possibilities, especially along the south section of the highroad.

In addition to the craft of making homemade snus, Ngapali also offers travellers tasty chilled snus for around 1,000 kilo. D-3386931 Two Brothers Restaurant (opposite the Amata Resort). D-3389574 Ngapali Kitchen (south of Aureum Palace, on the road), ? +95 9421730349. and 3178145 Sea Queen (just before Ngapali Resort, on the north side of Ngapali), ? +95 1 221943.

Everywhere there are beaches. Once you have discovered the area by bike or cab, you will know where to find it, mostly on the south road or near the crossroad. Ngapali's budgeting opportunities are seldom. In Thandwe there are no touristic accommodations along the motorway.

Taungup alone, 85 km from Thandwe, has several guest houses. The 3386121 Royal Beaches Motel (next to the Amata Hotel (could go beyond)), ? +95 1-393434, +95 9 2524 107 00, +95-43-42411. Lovely backyards and a lovely sandy area. Plain chalets that extend along the sea. The 3305663 Silver Beaches Hotel (right at the beginning of the south Ngapali route), ? +95 43 42 266, +95 43 42277, +95 43 42288, +95 9-8516389, e-mail:

D-338124 Sandoway Reserve (in the centre of the south coast), ? +95 1 294612, +95 1 298934, +95 1 398896, e-mail: It is a paradise with a beautiful tropic gardens, air conditioning, TV, mini bar and showers. D-316585 Ngapali Amazon Spa (about 1 km northerly of the crossroads), ? +95 43 42011, +95 43 42022, +95 1 203500, e-mail:

Hilton Ngapali Resort & Spa (less than 1 km due due diligence from the airport), ? +95 43 42130, +95 43 42291. Aureum Palace Resort & Spa, ? +95 1 399 341-5, +95 43 42 412, e-mail: D-3369848 Plásantiew Resort (on the southerly part of Ngapali), ? +95 1 -393086, +95 9 73160306, e-mail:

This is one of the newer resort in Ngapali. Twenty-six chalets, all on the shore. D-3325839 Baysview Resort (in the heart of Ngapali), +95 1 504471, +95 1 526292, e-mail: ? At Ngapali beaches. There are 45 cabins and rooms either directly on the sea or in a nice private backyard under palms.

There are many flights directly from Yangon, Mandalay or Bagan to Ngapali. Be sure to make timely bookings, especially for long journeys in the northern and high seasons, as there are few other options. From the Thandwe central railway terminal there are many buses and minibuses every daily.

From the Thandwe central train terminal, the (mini) coach leaves at 11:30 am and 1:30 pm, lasts 15 hours and amounts to approx. 18,000kyats. The majority of the busses go 2 hours further to Sittwe. You can buy your ticket at Bayview Beach Resort. Take a coach to Yangon and get off at Ngathaingchaung with the big viaduct, from where you have to take another coach or pick-up southbound to Pathein.

The drive from Ngapali to Ngathaingchaung can take up to 8 hours. In Yangon - There are many busses between Yangon and Ngapali, because there are many tourists who long for the nice bath. Most Yangon busses leave from Thandwe (but also Ngapali) in the mornings.

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