Thande Beach Hotel Burma

Beach Hotel Burma

The Thande Beach Resort Ngapali is the perfect choice for travellers who want to enjoy the sights and sounds of Ngapali. Thande Beach Hotel is located in a prime location on Ngapali Beach. The Thande Beach Hotel on the beach of Ngapali, Bay of Bengal, Rakhine State, Myanmar. The Thande Beach Hotel on Ngapali Beach in Myanmar (Burma). Booking the Thande Beach Hotel Ngapali, a three-star hotel in Gyeiktaw.

Ngapali Beach Hotel | Ngapali Beach Hotel

In order for you to make the right decision, we evaluate each piece of real estate by equipment and services, but we also look for properties with a distinctive personality or a site that cannot be surpassed. All 70 cabins, bamboos, cane cabins, wicker cabins, chalets and suits are built to combine the best contemporary and classic lifestyles.

Bayview is an ideal option in Ngapali for those looking for comfort and a selection of dining options. Ngapali Bay Villa and Spa is located on the beach in the lovely town of Myabyin, just 30 min from the Aiport. This is the perfect place to unwind after a visit to Burma.

Demanding, calm, relaxingly - don't tell too many guests about this nice hotel. There are 40 bungalow and seven suite apartments and a Grand Suite with two bedrooms, perfect for the family. Its position makes this a good choice for a brief sojourn.

The Thande Beach Hotel - Review by Thande Beach Hotel, Ngapali, Myanmar

and stayed nine days at the Thande Beach Hotel. This snack is delicious, probably the best feed you can get on the beach at Ngapali. We' ve been spending a lot of our free moments speaking to the cook, who has been taught all types of cookery and this was also evident in the meal.

We' dined here a couple of lunches and dinners. I' d say it's twice as expensive as the small places on the beach, but it's still cheap. You have a happily hours between 5pm and 7pm every day when a cocktail and a large on-site brew cost $2 the hotel is located at the foot of the hotel, so sundown drinks are no better.

Then you can go up one level and choose a luxury-gardenroom. You are in the'third row' back from the beach. There was also a bathroom with seperate showers and a beautiful small veranda with deckchairs. Some of the rooms with seaview and seaview are free standing bungalow.

I would not want you to let your eyes wander on the ocean when you are sitting outside. The beach of Ngapali is partly a bit stony and Thande profits from a beautiful gold sandy strip in front of it. Nowhere else can you get a better sight. Some beach diners are only a 2 minutes stroll away, and then you are within 2 minutes on foot from all other places along the roads.

We' re going across the beach and took a flare with us. Everybody who works at the hotel is really nice. They can' t do enough for you, from the watchman who persisted in transporting our deck chairs for us to the cook who followed me over lunch and explained every meal.

Arriving at the Aiport, we were picked up from our hotel, which offers a free taxi transfer to and from the city. There was also a swimming pool (which no one used except James in the afternoon) and a whirlpool that didn't work. Sometimes it could be hard to get deck chairs on the beach and a few time we had to take them down the steps to the sands.

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