Than Tlang

As tlang

As Tlang, Haka, Chin State, Burma. In the past Than Tlang was known as Thlan Tlang, which means "cemetery hill", because there were many cemeteries in the west of the city. Receive the Thantlang weather forecast. Other Laimi tribes are located in the townships of Hakha and Thantlang. Than Atlang CND ah nungak Jenny nih Shakhira bantuk in a cheih lio a thiam kho taktak si.

China State, Myanmar: Thantlang' s importance

Thantlang, also known as Thlantlang, Htantlang in Burma transliteration) is a city and administration centre of the municipality of Thantlang in the state of Chin, known to the east as (Myanmar). In the past Than Tlang was known as Thlan Tlang, which means "cemetery hill", because there were many graveyards in the city. But since many cultured persons died in the first years, the Thlan Tlang tribe attributed the early death of many cultured persons to the name Thlan Tlang as iinx.

That is why the People Council transformed Thlan Tlang into Than Tlang in 1983, which means "Famous Hill", which has been preserved to this day. The city of Than Tlang will have about 7000 inhabitants by 2010. Hakha, the main city of the state of Chin, is only 20 leagues away from Than Tlang. The municipality of Tlang consists of over 80 towns.

It is also encircled by 9 small areas known as Khualhring District, Vanzang District, Zahnak District, Bual District, Vailam District, Zophei District, Bawipa Hill District, Lautu District and Mara District. The Than Tlang is one of the most advanced cities in the state of Chin. Although there are many different idioms from the 9 ethnic groups, they all understand each other like a single mob.

It is not only from China, but from all over Myanmar well-known vocalists like Sung Tin Par and Dawt Hlei Hniang from the Zophei and Vanzang area. The city of Tlang lies between the Vuichip and Marau hills and is nourished by two wonderful rivers: Lahva from the western and the eastern part.


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