Than Taung Gyi Myanmar

When Taung Gyi Myanmar

Municipality of Kawkareik - Municipality of Kyain Seikgyi. Than Daung Gyi is a peaceful mountain village with a wide view over the lush forests surrounding it. - Organized by Solomon Global Travels & Tours Myanmar. Cheap hotels near Thantaung Hill, Toungoo.

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The Than Taung (Thandaung)4158-foot height

Nicknamed Than Daung, it was once used by the British as a favourite summer residence during the colonisation period, but has since been forgotten and is now unaffected by tourism. Then Daung can actually be subdivided into two areas. The Than Daung Gyi is situated in Kayin State, 38 leagues eastwards of Taungoo at an altitude of 4050 ft above sealevel, in an area characterized by luxuriant verdant rolling countryside and wide views.

To get there you have to drive through Than Daung Lay, only 13 mile and 45 minute drive from Taungoo.

Than Daung Gyi in Taungoo, Myanmar (Burma)

Than Daung Gyi is a tranquil mountain town with a wide view over the luxuriant woods that surround it. Whilst there are few places of interest, the true attraction of the visit to this Kayin town is the interaction with the natives and the exploration of the remains of ancient colonies - with a fistful of centuries-old chapels, an old dormitory and some other hidden outbuildings.

In contrast to the more distant Kayin towns, the local people have abandoned old-fashioned clothing; they are also largely Christians, as evidenced by the Naw Bu Baw Mt., a place of worship on the outskirts of the city. There are 374 stairs to the top, surrounded by small chapel (one of which is in the form of two huge palms clutched in prayer).

One good luncheon break is a delicious meal at the Amazonas. Situated on the Than Daung Gyi highway, this very inviting place offers delicious local Kayin dishes, enriched with seasonings such as sprouts of pancake, roasted beef, and piquant sauces. Guests are provided with a good resource of information and advice on walking outside the town ("hot springs" and a waterfall).

It is possible to stay for the whole year, but it is definitely a good idea to stay in one of the new boarding houses that have been opened in recent years. It has four or five simple inns on the Hauptstra├če (with prices from about $10 ) and I Wish, which is housed in a 1912 built house 100yd from the Hauptstra├če.

You can also bathe at Pathi Chaung, a stream with lush shores and large rocks, on the way back from Than Daung Gyi. This turnoff is right on the highway when you return to Taungoo (halfway, about 13 mile away from Taungoo). This is best reached by taking a personal vehicle, which can be organised at Taungoo and Myanmar Beauty Guest House II for you.

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