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As Taung Gyi

Big savings on hotels in Than Daung Gyi, Myanmar online. Maps of hotels in the area of Thandaung Gyi: ), which is much closer to Yangon than the cities mentioned above. About Taungoo & Thandaung Gyi Though for some it is only a small stopover for those travelling between Yangon and Mandalay, the area around Taungoo (also called Toungoo) offers a range of recreational opportunities to entertain the visitor for a few nights. On the western side is the Royal Lake (Kan Taw Gyi), a scenic place where pairs can snog under parasols and canoe underwater.

The Royal Kaytumadi is located on the west side of the lakeshore, where you can enjoy a glass of fine dining and a view over the waters of Shwesandaw Pagoda, Taungoo's most popular place of worship. Thandaung Gyi (Than Daung Gyi) is a two-hour trip or motorcycle tour just south of Taungoo, in a breathtaking location on the Bwihikho Mountains in the north of Karen (Kayin) state.

Thandaung Gyi, like the more celebrated cities of Pyin Oo Lwin and Kalaw, was established by the British as a British mountain base to escape the lowland hot weather, and some old farmhouses have been preserved, such as the old castle and teafactory, a spooky building that still serves as a military food plant; the kind guide will be happy to take you on a guided walk through the complex.

THANDANDUNG GYI is overseen by Naw Bu Baw Prayer Mountain, an important place of worship for the Karen Christians in the area. In the Thandaung Gyi area there are a number of hikes, among others around the teaplantation, various woodland paths and a more demanding daily walk to the Taw Pyar Gyi Falls and the Taw Pyar Gyi source.

Tours are highly recommendable and can be organized through guesthouses in Thandaung Gyi or as part of a tour of Myanmar (see links at the bottom of this page). From Taungoo through Thandaung and up to Thanthaung Gyi, the street is a two and a half hour long winding through wood.

Thandaung Gyi is free of charge, but guests should have a copy of their passports with them, which they can give to the local authorities at a check point a few kilometers outside the city. You can reach Thandaung Gyi by auto or motorcycle from Taungoo (US$60 for one auto per day). Thandaung Gyi has a number of small guesthouses and B&Bs, most of which are located on the highroad.

If you would like to organize a trip through Thandaung Gyi from Yangon or Mandalay, please contact one of our consultants using this contact sheet.

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