Located in the heart of the bustling Theatre District of New York City, Thalia is one of the leading New American restaurants in New York and beyond. Synchro: Travis Transcript: RaceMan ????


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Situated in the lively Theatre District of New York City, Thalia is one of the premier New York and beyond New America cinemas. Opened in 1999, Thalia has served the highest standards and creativity in US cuisine while breaking new ground in the unexplored realms of eating.

Thalia' s interiors feature a high ceiling dinning room with a drama of colour that mirrors theatrical sensitivity of the environment while at the same time pays homage to the history of Broadway. Cleverly prepared coctails and candlelight atmospheres make Thalia a marvellous place for a truly unique night.

Mottola' s woman is charged with mad delusion.

Thalia, a Mexico super star, has been charged with making diva-like claims to get out of a large-scale clothing order. This vocalist - who is wedded to musical tycoon Tommy Mottola - is suing EDF Brands for a 20-year agreement to licence her home country's produce. Thalia is said to have demanded a $65,000 personal aircraft from New York to Mexico City, $15,000 rooms in a luxury resort, $25,000 in safety, $6,000 for hairdos and make-up, and $10,000 for a $10,000 style artist for a two-day journey to the market - that is right out of the book of Mottola's ex-wife Mariah Carey.

However, the singer is insisting that she does not make any commitments and that it was EDF who violated the contract. Thalia' spouse and associate Mottola is also mentioned as a respondent in the action. In the USA, Thalia is selling a range of clothes and footwear at Macy's.

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