Thale is a small Harz mountain village in a beautiful gorge. A mythical creature, Thale has a tail, is female and is found in the forest by two crime scene cleaners. With Thales, your company can be confident that data is created, shared or stored wherever it is, without compromising the company's flexibility.

story line

A young man falls in love with a strange girl.] He' s enticed into Black Hole - a murky, arcane videogame universe of dead serious players in the foreground. Women are with child and men are becoming more and more human and are trying to get away from them.

When a 25-year long Russian-Swedish conflict ends, two Brotherhood, who are part of the efforts to draft new frontier agreements, are annihilated by their acts and the abuse of a young lady during their sojourn. One group of pupils is investigating a range of murdering bears, but they learn that there are much more serious things.

You begin to pursue a mystical fighter and learn that he is indeed a trolley-fighter. This is the ongoing adventure of a popular story of a lady with a story that comes to live. I put my loved ones to rest in a basement, darkness and depth, a mystery they would like to keep.

Thale or Thallen is a Nordic folkloristic being with magic power to awaken sensitivity in people when captured from the forests where it lives. It would probably be classed as a "fairy people" in the English-speaking area. At the beginning of the movie we see the being Thale appear out of a bath full of fluid.

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The Thale is a 2012 mysterious movie by Aleksander L. Nordaas from Norway[2] The movie was published in Norway on February 17, 2012 and subsequently distributed to over 50 different nations worldwidely. They are employed to clear up after a fatality when they spot Thale, a woman with a cowtail who seems unable to speak mankind, hiding in a cellar.

Later paramilitaries come to reclaim Thale. Thale' s satyr-like fellows come to the aid and keep Elvis and Leo intact. Thale' s coming back to the Wilderness Homers later. Epic Pictures and Yesbox Productions are co-producing a follow-up for Thale[15].

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