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STA Travel lets you experience the tropical paradise of Thailand today. One country guide for Thailand. While there are many places to visit in Thailand, there are only five destinations (except Bangkok) that attract the vast majority of foreign visitors. Find out everything you need to know about your Evolve trip to Thailand. Do not forget to inform your bank that you will be travelling and intend to use the ATM in Thailand before you leave.

Visit to Thailand: An initial visitor guide

For the first in three years, this is the first one I' ve been in Thailand this year. I am here on an OUT Adventures group tour that gives me the opportunity to re-discover everything I like about Thailand. More than see more than a few places and have more than a few experience that I somehow miss on all my holiday in Thailand so far.

When I visit one of the most touristy South-East Asian destinations, I realise how big this is. Thailand is for many the beginning of many backpack and travelling adventure in Asia. When I first arrived in Bangkok, I didn't feel as much of a cultural crisis as my new found buddies along the Khao San Road.

That doesn't mean I didn't notice the sounds and scents of Bangkok - but it was all a little less than I had foreseen. Fortunately, this land is full of interesting and interesting suprises, but it is also very accessible. Thailand is a wonderful place and if you only have two weeks vacation, you will miss a heap.

Below you will find a guide for beginners to one of the simplest, kindest and gay-friendly places in Asia. I have known the Toronto-based firm for years and this is the first one of their small group trips I've experienced. To find out more about your packages around the globe, please check out soon for my full report on the experiences of Out-Adventures.

There are a few hot spots you should try if you only have so much free Thailand to do. There are many other towns and places in the whole of Thailand to be visited with more travel times, but for a two-week trip that involves as much of Thailand's variety as possible, you are planning to reach Bangkok, Chiang Mai and an isle in the South.

It is a large nation and has a wide range of destinations. Bangkok, the world-class town, the mountains in the north of Thailand and the relatively untouched southern shores, Thailand has something for everyone. It' simple to get a taste of everyone for a two-week journey to the Land of Smiles.

When you are planning your journey around some of the more interesting festivities and celebrations (Loi Krathong, or the Lantern Festival, in October/November and Songkran in April), then you are sure to have an astonishing culture experiince. Here you can find information about my journey to Thailand during Songkran. The year round Thailand has hot temperatures, so you shouldn't need much.

Purchasing in Thailand can also be enjoyable and reasonable. As there are 7-11 grocery shops in Thailand, you would find it difficult to go down a road without one. Please be aware that for some of our Buddhist monasteries and for the Grand Palace in Bangkok the knee and shoulder must be shielded by men and woman.

It is a contemporary town and it is possible (and quite easy) to get around by surface metro, metro, bus and even boat. There are also taxi services in Bangkok and other towns, but in Bangkok you should be ready to be waiting in the road! You will find bigger cabs in other towns - especially in the south of Thailand - named Songsthaews - just mark them, tell them where you want to go and if they suit you, you are ready.

It can be a little grimy and messy, but it's an adventure that' should be seen. There is a lot of eating on the streets, shabby memorabilia, evening life, massage at the side of the road and inexpensive guesthouses in the area. Beware that it won't draw you in and see other chilly places in Bangkok like Silom and Sukhumvit.

Soi 4 and Soi 2 - The centre of Bangkok's homosexuality, a trip to the DJ Station Soi 2 and Soi 4's sidewalk bar are a must for homosexual travellers who want to spend a funny evening in Bangkok. Go to Chatuchak Weekend Markets - When you explore this one, it will probably be like the biggest one.

Here they are selling everything from odd and extravagant pets to fashionable T-shirts, snacks and groceries. At the end of my journey I like to come and see you, so that I can fill my rucksack with last-minute presents and attire. Visiting Wat Pho - This Buddha sanctuary is known for its lying Buddha.

It would be very simple to go to these two places in one day, and if you just want to go to a buddhistic sanctuary in Bangkok, it should be Wat Pho. Dine at Sukhumvit Soi 38 - It is considered the best road meal in Bangkok. This is not an uncommon statement, but this road off the lively and well-liked Suchumvit Road can certainly stand its ground.

The free Bangkok Art & Culture Center is across the road and provides a great air-conditioned getaway if needed. It is a good base for a trip to the north of Thailand. Doi Suthep - The journey may seem like a hike, but it's really simple to get a coach or a Sangthaew.

One of Chiang Mai's most famous touristic sites, the hill top is actually quite impressing. Shopping on Sunday Walking St. Mark - Ratchadamnoen St. in the old town of Chiang Mai comes to life every Sunday night from 5pm. You will find a souvenir section, clothes, street cooking and traditional music.

Nimmanhaeminat, Beverage & Plays - This area on the west side of the town is a great place to meet fashionable dining, nice cafes, pubs and hostel. Get a massaging - While you can find it all over Thailand, Chiang Mai is a great place to get a massaging.

The North Gate Jazz Club - For expatriates and visitors, this is a fun place in the old town of Chiang Mai. Every Tuesday evening an open mike jazz meeting takes place in the café and the ambience is simply awesome. Visiting an elephant park or a reserve - If you are like most Thai tourism, you will want to see some of them.

In Chiang Mai you will find most of the trips and scheduled trips to elephantparks. Would you like to enjoy the north of Thailand in a stylish way? Take a look at the OUT Adventures route for North Thailand, which offers a cookery course, buddhistic temples visit and a jungles zipped line game! The beach, island, luxury resort, sea food....Southern Thailand is an unbelievable place to flee to.

You can also arrange a guided tour of Krabi for those interested in exploring the rocks and other adventurous pursuits. Do you want the queer nights in the south of Thailand? Schedule your journey to Patong on Phuket. After a nice vacation at the sea? Accommodation in a seaside resort hotel - Unlike other places where it is still possible to find unexplored shores to put up a camp or hang out in hammocks for the nights, Thailand's shores are fully-covered.

And you might as well show off (remember: this is still Thailand, so you can still make a good deal) and find yourself a beautiful seaside town. In Phuket Old Town - famous for its art-deco architectural style, the town offers an easy afternoons trip. It is also likely that if you come through some of the Phuket archipelago like Koh Phi Phi you will come through at some point.

The most touristy part of Phuket (already Thailand's most touristy island), Patong is full of people. Enjoy your favourite sport - If you want to say goodbye to lazing on the beaches, take your free moment for various types of sport.

At Phuket I can suggest ocean kayaking with John Gray's ocean kayak expertise. There are innumerable different adventures, but the guide is great and the landscape is unbelievable (you can even go to cave!), the meals are tasty and the personnel is extremely kind. Are you looking for Thailand Hotels recommendations? Agoodas is the largest and most sought after on-line accommodation reservation services in Asia and usually offers the best offers, especially for Bangkok, which is their homepit.

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