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Myanmar Visa

Myanmar tourist visas, business visas and other immigration information. A visa is required for holders of the following passports: NOT A VISA at the border, must be available before your arrival. When you need the visa in a hurry, you must provide a copy of your flight details. " Sir/Mam, may an Indian passport holder enter Myanmar by land from the Thai border.

Burma-Thailand: Visa-free treaty approved

EFFEKTIV from August 11th onwards, Myanmar and Thailand nationals with a standard passport will travel without a visa for up to 14 working nights, in accordance with the formal treaty of July 28th. Under the terms of the treaty, U Wunna Maung Lwin, Myanmar's Secretary of State, and Tanasak Patimapragorn, Thailand's Secretary of State, will sign the treaty in Chiang Mai today during a common session of the European Union in May.

The Thai Government authorised the Memorandum of Understanding on 21 June for signature on 28 June, in particular for the boom in the tourist, commercial and other relations between the two countries. Upon arrangement, Thai and Myanmar nationals with normal passes to board and leave through airport and travel for up to 14 d... Crossing points are not part of the Convention.

It will reflect practical co-operation between two States and will encourage the development of the tourist, commercial and other forms of business co-operation. Burma has already concluded visa waiver treaties with Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brunei and the Philippines and remains concerned about the visa waiver treaties with Singapore and Malaysia.

Myanmar citizen visa.

Update: my Borther's GF came back to Thailand (to Mae Sai) without a visa or pass (not to my surprise). They found out that no Myanmar citizens can get married to foreigners. In Burma, her mum and dad were bullied by junior civil servants who found out that their daughters were carrying the child of a stranger (my brother).

Any chance a Myanmar resident can reside in Thailand if he or she doesn't even get a visa? Is it possible for a non-Swiss to apply for political asylum in Thailand and become a Thailander? Is it sure that there are no unlawful foreigners or Laotin-Hmong migrants in Thailand?

I' m sure if she can get a pass, she can get a 0 visa or even change her nationality to become Thai. Possible way is to bring both your sibling and his sibling back to Burma and ask the Thai embassy in Burma to record the mating.

Obviously, the Thai ambassador will need a paper from the Thai authorities to confirm that she is still singles. The Thai Ambassador in Burma will probably not record the wedding ceremony because your sibling is not living in Burma. As a rule, other Thai consulates only carry out wedding registrations for Thai citizens residing abroad.

It would not do any harm in this case to implore the Embassy of Thailand there. They can request a visa of visa number 0 (if they have a passport) or Thailand nationality. Meanwhile, if nothing at all can be done, I would suggest that your bro take the baby (after he is born) together with his gf to the district office in Thailand to confirm that the baby is his newborn.

This entitles the child to the Thai national and the right to be able to transfer his or her assets. I' m guessing the Thai embassy in Burma could do it.

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