Thailand Vietnam Map

Vietnam Map

Have a guided tour through the Cu-Chi tunnels and learn more about the Vietnam War. You can travel from VIETNAM to THAILAND by bus, train or plane. In Southeast Asia Thailand is a frequent tourist destination. Do you need three weeks in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam? The map shows the cartographic excellence for which National Geographic is renowned.

On the way to Vietnam to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

Thailand's main town, Bangkok, is a mad and messy town! Krung Thep Maha Nakhon or Krung Thep "City of Angels" for a little while, Bangkok was a small trade posts at the confluence of the Chao Phraya River during the Ayutthaya Kingdom. Today Bangkok is the gate to Southeast Asia for most travelers and backpacker tourists who come and go and the roads are always full of people.

Bangkok is not a place to be without a trip to Khao San Road, the famed stripe of market, booths, neon tubes and young backpacker. This is the place to spend a good evening in Bangkok, from the crowd that watches, to the city' s vibrant nocturnal life, to eating and drinking. In Bangkok there are also several hundred Wat Arun (temples), where Wat Arun is the most important place frequented by most travelers.

Grand Palace is also a favourite destination, and for something else you can drive along the Chao Phraya River and through the Canal. Once Bangkok had an ingenious web of channels and was nicknamed "Venice of the East", and although some of them were completed and turned into roads, there are still many today.

As you pass through these channels, you will see how the natives are living on the riverbank - you almost forgot that you are in a big, busy town. Thailand's main money is Thai Baht (THB). Siem Reap means "defeat of Siam" - today's Thailand - and relates to a centuries-old massacre that is remembered in the famous bas-reliefs of the surrounding area.

This evening your tour leader will take you to the renowned Pub Street, where you can have a few cocktails and really get together with your group! On the next morning you can take an option trip to the most renowned of temples, Angkor Wat, with a guided tour that will give you an insight into the ancient structure and structure of the complex.

From small remains to the famed Angkor Wat, the temple is considered the biggest monuments of religion in the whole watt. They are among the most renowned in the whole wide expanse of 400 sqm. It is Cambodia's busy and tumultuous town.

Phnom Penh is situated on the bank of the Mekong River and since the French colonization of Cambodia in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries it has been one of the most popular rivers in Cambodia. It has evolved from a small fishermen's town to Cambodia's industrial, trade, culture and historic town. There are many other places to visit such as the Russia Market and the Phnom Penh Museum.

Alternatively, you can take a walk along the Sisowath Quay and have a cup of tea or a drink in one of the many caf├ęs while watching the lively rivers. Maybe you want to take a tuk-tuk trip around Phnom Penh (a tuk-tuk is a motorcycle cab with a closed en-suite compartment for about 4 people).

From Cambodia we traverse the Vietnam to Cambodia by taking a ferry down the Mekong River from Phnom Penh to Chau Doc. The Chau Doc is our basis for exploring the exceptional Mekong Delta, a south-western Vietnam area where the Mekong River flows into the ocean through a net of distributors.

The Mekong Delta is very much about the riverbank, and many of the towns are often more easily reached by streams and channels than by canal. You' ll travel through the delta, where you can get up close and personal with everyday activities in the area before entering the pulsating and pulsating Ho Chi Minh city.

The town of Ho Chi Minh was known as Saigon until the end of the Vietnam War (around 1975). Formerly a small fishermen's town, today it is the most important business center of Vietnam and the biggest town in the state. In the best of seasons, urban transport is quite frantic, but it is amazingly simple to get around by cab or motorcycle cab, although the riders do not always talk English.

Buses are the only type of transportation and motorcycles dominate the roads; there are about 3 million motorcycles driving through the city. Unwind on the 7 km long gold sand beaches, take in the renowned water pools or take a swimming trip in the crystalline water - try snorkeling before enjoying a cool beverage onboard!

We pass Marble Mountain (optionally VND40,000 to discover its caverns and shrines) before climbing the picturesque Hai Van Pass coastline as seen on Top Gear's Vietnam Special. Vietnam's ancient capitol and home of the emperors of the Nguyen dynasty (1802-1945), Hue lies on the shores of the Huong Giang or Perfume River.

The best-known is the Kaiserzitadelle, a UNESCO world cultural heritage site, which is often compared to the Prohibited City in Beijing (and is sometimes also called the Prohibited City). You can also take a relaxing cruise on the perfume stream and savour the scenery. It is the socialist republic's capitol, ruled by the city' s colorful collection of trees in the streets.

Situated in the heart of the town, it prides itself on an intricate yet stylish story marked by its "chameleon of names" - the name of the town has been changing many a time throughout its many years. The unbelievable Halong Bay, known for its calcareous islets, which tower impressively out of the ocean into the Flemish skies and can even stay overnight on a local jerkcraft.

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