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Celebrate Thailand's northern city of Chiang Mai with beautiful temples, one of Asia's best night markets and breathtaking mountain scenery. Spend your entire Chiang Mai vacation exploring the famous night bazaar. It is time to head south to one of my favourite places in Thailand - Khao Sok National Park. I plan the holiday for a family of four, all adults and all very active. Phuket Island, one of Thailand's largest travel destinations, offers almost every kind of cuisine, from seafood to Russian specialities.

Holidays in Thailand: Plan your first journey

Thailand is a nice, accessible travel destinations - even for shorter outings. Even though a holiday in Thailand may sound expansive, costly and potentially unattainable, it is much simpler to get there than you think. Every year thousands of travellers are enjoying everything Thailand has to Offer. What is the price of a journey to Thailand?

Holidays in Thailand can be as cheap as a journey to California, Hawaii, the Caribbean or the top destination for Americans. And it can even be less expensive! Many of Thailand's overseas arrive each year are budgeted travellers who make do with less than US$900 for a single months in Southeast Asia.

They can choose for a little more luxurious on a short journey. It is good to know that travelling in Thailand is easy; the tourist industry is well established. The fare is obviously the biggest up-front payment. When you arrive on the beach in Thailand, the change of money and the differences in your costs of life quickly offset the outlay.

The circumnavigation of the world to Asia will take a whole full days (in every direction) of your holiday. Do a tour or are you planning an independent itinerary? While organised trips in Asia seem to be the fast and simple answer, you can still safe your living by simply organising transport and activity when you are already there.

This is very simple in Thailand - and, no, the linguistic differences will not cause any problem. What is the best timeframe to come to Thailand? The weather varies from area to area, but the dryest periods are generally between November and April. Also in the off- and raintime in Thailand you are enjoying the sunny weather.

Maybe you want to plan your holiday in Thailand around one of the many big festival. Need a vaccination for Thailand? While no special immunization is necessary for Thailand, you should get the general immunization for all travellers in Asia. There is no need for vaccination against Ragweed, Yellowsweed, or JJE for a normal holiday in Thailand.

In Thailand, the risks of getting infected with the disease are relatively low, especially if you don't spend a lot of quality Indonesian mammals. In Thailand, the greatest threat is dengue fevers. Till the new vaccine being debugged becomes more available, your best defence is to do what you can to prevent gnat sting.

In Thailand, Zika (another mosquito-borne disease) is not a major menace. So what should I pack for Thailand? You may want to take a few things with you from home for your journey to Thailand. Cash machines are virtually everywhere in Thailand; they often vie for room! If you use an ATM in Thailand, always ask for the highest amount.

Tips are not the rule in Thailand, although there are some uncommon exemptions. For large orders you can apply for a GST reimbursement when you leave Thailand. Which way to Thailand? While most travellers come to Bangkok, there are many nice places further away. There is no Thailand holiday without at least a visit to some of the lovely isles.

In the Andaman Sea (west side) and the Gulf of Thailand (east side) you have some great islands. Thailand's northerly capitol is a favourite for many people. Farmhouses and foods, an amazingly good night life and yoga/holistics workshop are good grounds for a stop.

Only a two hours journey by rail from Bangkok, Thailand's former capitol, is the place to experience cultural life and bike through old cemeteries. Thailand's mountaineering epicentre is no longer just for mountaineers. Even if you like your legs on the floor, the pulverulent sands and the insulation (Railay can only be reached by boat) give you the feeling of being on an isle.

Throughout the last years Thailand has been changing. Nevertheless, Thailand is as open to tourists as ever. Thailand's tourist facilities are well developed. You have a great deal of experience in housing guests with all budget and travel time. There' is a great deal of night life in Thailand. On average, the price for a large local ale is $2-3.

Thailand is a Buddhistic land. You' ll meet unavoidably a number of friars and visit a number of imposing monasteries. Don't wait for the representation of a buddhistic friar in Hollywood: The friars in Thailand often have smart phones! Thailand is a very secure traveler. Travel is a big deal, and Thais will often avoid helping you get out of their beauty.

Improve your journey considerably by getting to know how to say hello on Thai before you go. There are also a few things you should know in Thailand to not be" the" tourists who ruin a good thing!

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