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Learn more about travel expenses in Thailand. It is best to visit Thailand and Laos from November to March. It is best to visit Thailand and Laos from November to March. From Bangkok to Singapore including Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. A map of Cycle Southern Thailand including Thailand.

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I am Richard Barrow and I am a UK citizen who has lived here in Thailand for 23 years. I' ve been traveling in Thailand since 1998. This website contains cards, pictures and memos from all my last travels through Thailand. They can also join me on Twitter and Facebook and be there during every trip.

Travelling is one of my pastimes. A lot more travelogues and charts will follow as I move through my archive. Also you can see my newspapers with my own blogs and the archive of newspapers. A lot of excursion suggestions. Pictures from these journeys are used in the Thailand tourist guide.

It is an ongoing effort to create a free guide to explore Thailand. You can also check Thai Traveller Blogs for information on travelling and forthcoming Thai festival and event dates. There is also a website named My Thailand Photos which contains many of my traveling photos.

To get an idea for a Bangkok excursion or accommodation, please see another of my current activities named "Bangkok Daytrips". Have a look at my "Thailand from above" to see my drones-pictures.

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Situated in the center of the Indochina peninsula, Thailand borders Myanmar and Laos to the north, Laos and Cambodia to the East and Malaysia to the South. The country has an area of about 513,120 sq. km, of which 510,890 sq. km is made up of country and 2,230 sq. km of ashore.

Verify the position of Thailand on the map. Thailand-Italy was established in 1769 as a people. Bangkok, the capitol of Thailand, is the country's biggest town. Situated on the Chao Phraya River estuary, Bangkok is Thailand's biggest town and the second biggest in Southeast Asia.

North Thailand mainly includes the mountains of the Thai highland, incl. the Khorat Plateau. Part of the Golden Triangle is in the north of Thailand. Thailand's center is the lowlands made up of the Chao Phraya stream that flows into the Gulf of Thailand. Thailand's south is on the Malay Peninsula, which consists of the small Kra Isthmus.

There are five main areas of Thailand. One of Indochina's most visited travel destination for its breathtaking natural beauties, wealth of cultural heritage and mysterious faiths. Not only can visitors admire cristal clear water but also the dense jungle in Thailand. Historic heritage, as well as Thai cuisine, attracts literally a million travellers all year round.

Bangkok, the capitol of Thailand, boasts a wealth of historic and heritage. Situated in the Bangkok Yai area. Bangkok is a busy town where you can enjoy the Grand Palace, which is made up of various types of gazebos, hangars, wats, etc. South of Thailand the major attraction are the sands.

The Ao Phra Nang, also called Princess Bay, is the most famous seaside city in Krabi on the western shore of the south. It is also a favourite climber in the Krabi, Railay or Rai Leh area. Beside the sands there are also forests and jungle in the South.

Kao Sok is the home of Thailand's biggest jungle. During your visit to the NP you will be fascinated by the pristine nature of South Thailand, such as the rising falls and crystalline waters. Phuket is a famed small village in the south-east of Thailand.

Phuket's karstic and breathtaking shores attract many visitors to the area. Not too far from Phuket is the Ko Phi Phi of Krabi province, another of Thailand's renowned isles. Not only will visitors be able to admire the lovely beach, they will also be able to engage in thrilling aquatic sports.

The north of Thailand has a rich cultural heritage, such as the Prasat Hin Phimai. Prasat Hin Phimai is one of Thailand's most imposing Khmer remains, similar to Angkor in Cambodia. In the north of Thailand is the Sukhothai Historical Parc. Composed of the remains of Sukhothai, this country reserve shows the Sukhothai Kingdom's civilization in the thirteenth and fourteenth century.

You can discover the secret civilization of this country from these mudflats. In Phanom Rung, near the town of Nang Rong in north-eastern Thailand, you can also experience a very old Khmer royal civilization between the tenth and thirteenth cent. Recently, the north of Thailand has also been home to several minority groups known as mountain people.

One of the most beloved villages is the Long Neck Karen Dorf. East Thailand is home to many animal species, among them Asiatic elephant and bear. Khao Yai Nationalpark in Nakhon Ratchasima province is Thailand's third biggest nationalpark. You could observe many species of game in their native habitat in the Nationalpark.

There are many beautiful sandy areas and islets around the Gulf of Thailand. Ang Thong National Park is one of the most visited places in the area.

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