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Ideas for Thailand Travel

Receive a free offer and book one of our Thailand tours today. Made-to-measure travel ideas, holiday packages with airfare. Wondering if anyone had any good ideas about the order in which I should travel when I arrived? Enable travel with holiday ideas in your inbox. Written by Shannon Osztonitsdow Thailand - the land of smiles.

Ideas for Thailand Itineraries

Among today's towns and revered sanctuaries, Thailand has one of the highest percentage of safe country in the underworld. Explore how Thailand's diverse typeface can lead you from dense, water-filled cloud forest to virgin rain forest, elephant-covered meadows and blue sea areas where tortoises are swiming . Thai expert Charlotte emphasizes why Bangkok should not be just a country of transition.

Spend three days here, cooking and tasting Thailand's food, experiencing the temple and market, and weaving through the channels on a long tail canoe. Harriet, our Thailand expert, had the difficult task of inspecting some of Thailand's most luxury real estate and luxury adventures.

Mix and match cultural, beach and tasty meals on your Thai flitter. One of the best ways to visit towns like Bangkok, the countless antique churches, but also to visit old traditions and general cultural life, is by boat on the South East Asian water.

You' ll get to know Thai cooking in a Thai restaurants, but you'll go to Thailand and you' ll find a deep and complex kitchen that's difficult to find elsewhere. Thai expert Mark will explain the various specialities of the region and the best ways to enjoy them. There is hardly a more family-friendly holiday resort than Thailand.

Thailand's unspoilt unspoiled shores have always attracted people. We' re introducing some of our favourite beach and facilities, all of which can be integrated into a tailor-made route that provides an ideal end to your trip in Southeast Asia. Travelling to Thailand and just seeing the beach means missing a magic and captivating adventure.

These guides deepen what you can see and enjoy in this varied land.

Includes 7 perfect one-week itineraries for Thailand

If you think of Thailand, imagine the gold sanctuaries and castles of Bangkok? Phuket's unspoilt unspoiled whitish shores and the Thai islands? Thailand has all this and more - although few of us have the luxury of seeing it all (or the budget). Limit your searching by choosing what you want to experience in Thailand, then reserve your trip and get ready for your thrill!

Take a flight to Don Mueang International Airport or Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport. During the first two outings you will discover this magnificent town. The Khao San Road, the Grand Palace and Wat Pho, Wat Arun and many smaller churches throughout the town. A Thai-Massages in one of the many salons is recommended for a relaxed travel route.

Ascend to the Golden Mountain and see the sun set over the town before you enjoy Bangkok's infamous nights. Use Bangkok as a starting point for a full excursion to the Kanchanaburi county in the west. Instead, for a carefree holiday you can go to Erawan National Park to see the falls or go to the near elephantcamp.

By the end of the morning you will be back in Bangkok. The 4th is an excursion to the Ayutthaya provinces, which is the old Siamese city. Either you can stay the whole night to admire the ruined temples and learn about the Buddhist story in Thailand, or you can stay half the night to explore the remains and the other half to visit the Bang Pa-In Palace, the summers residence of the famed King Mongkut (from the popular Chulalongkorn and King and I musical) and King Chulalongkorn.

At night you will take a night from Ayutthaya to Chiang Mai in the northern part of the countryside for the next part of the itinerary. Awake up early for your daily trip to Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle. The Chiang Rai is one of Thailand's most northern towns, and the Golden Triangle is the only place where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar mingle.

At the Golden Triangle you go by ferry down the riverbank and cross the marshes that once were the center of the South East Asian epium-trading. On the way back to Chiang Mai, if there is enough free rein, you' ll stop at a small mountain town. Be in Chiang Mai last evening.

Get the last of Chiang Mai's memorabilia and get ready for your home trip. Start your trip in the capitol Bangkok. Choose your lodging in the pulsating Backpackers' Khao San Road quarter and spent the first two nights discovering the Grand Palace and the elaborate temple for which Bangkok is known.

Or you can take a boat trip along the Chao Phraya River or attend a Thai cookery course if you want a more relaxed outing. A stay of two nights allows you to enjoy both the stunning natural surroundings and the heart-rending story of this great area. During the first half of the year, you can learn about the Second World War in Thailand by exploring the notorious Kwai River Bridge, the War Cemetery and the Jeath War Museum.

During the second part of the tour you will see the Erawan National Park and the Erawanfalls. The Erawan Museum and its breathtaking parks or the elephants camps can also be visited. Ayutthaya, the former capitol, is known for its old buddhistic temple. They can also see the Bang Pa-In Summer Palace near by and the fusion of Thai, Western and Western architectural styles.

Arrival in Bangkok for the evenings. In the early hours of the next day you take a plane from Bangkok to Pattaya. In the next two get-togethers, visit the Big Buddha of Wat Phra Yai or the Sanctuary of Truth, a wood memorial devoted to philosphy and the arts and not to materials.

Outside the town you can also go to Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Gardens, Buddha Mountain and Pattaya Swimming Market. In the evening you can watch a comedy show or go to the club. Travel to Koh Samui for a trip around the east Thai Isles. For the first two nights on the shore, snorkel or take a cruise around the 42 isles of Ang Thong National Park.

In the evening you can try the various pubs and cafes, where you are sure to find other travelers (or a dive guide who was planning a week's holiday and stayed at the end for five years). From Koh Pha Ngan to Koh Tao, take the boat and enjoy the next two nights of aquatic activity such as snorkeling, bathing or snorkeling.

Transfers to the international airports for your return home. Arrival in Chiang Mai on the first day. Start your trip by going to the Buddha school, discovering the overnight market or climb to the top of Doi Inthanon (a coach ride over the hill is also an optional - no judgement!). The Mae Sa waterfall, a Thai massages or a cookery course are also available.

Drive to Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle. Once you get to the Golden Triangle - the place where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar come together - take a brief cruise across the Mekong to a Lao fair and get another postmark in your pad. On your way back to Thailand, you' ll find out more about the notorious Hall of Octopus Museum's deal.

You can also go to Mae Sai, Thailand's most northerly city, which has a Myanmar-boundary. Visiting the Tham Pla cave, if you have the necessary amount of free space, or climbing the mound to Wat Phra That Doi Wao for a magnificent look. Drive further southwards to Lampang and see the ancient Thai mountain people.

You can also admire the mural paintings of Wat Phra That Lampang Luang, see the Smaragdbuddha in Wat Phra Kaew Don Tao or watch the elephant in the National Elephant Institute, a talking center for Thailand's most renowned game. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the most visited travel sites outside Bangkok and Chiang Mai, consists of a ruin of buddhistic temple and a regal castle.

Stay overnight in Sukhothai. We will return to Chiang Mai for the last days. Coming to Bangkok, you' ll be spending the first one and a half days discovering the palace and temple. Record everything you have to offer from this contemporary town, a place far away from the mountain trunks you will be visiting later on your journey.

During the second evening you will take a late morning to Chiang Mai. Making the most of your Chiang Mai experience. Introverted and historical fans will delight in discovering the buddhistic churches, while socially-minded travelers will like to talk to the traders at the evening market, many of whom come from the mountain trunks in the north to trade their village work.

Accommodation in Chiang Mai. Departure from Chiang Mai to begin your hike through the north Thai towns. By the end of the 6th morning, we will be back in Chiang Mai. Get the last of Chiang Mai's memorabilia and get ready for your home trip. On your first outing to Bangkok, explore the city's attractions such as Wat Pho and the Grand Palace or try the Khao San Road for a road meal.

Stay the night in a guest house in the jungles. Fly to Phuket, Thailand's biggest isle, and join a group of travelers on a cruiser or disaster boat around the Occident. In the mornings, explore Phuket or relax on the beaches and then sail to the northern Phuket isles.

You will reach Khao Phing Kan, also known as James Bond Island, in the mornings, because it was the place for the man with the Golden Gun. Stay overnight on a boat or not. Arrival in Koh Phi Phi Phi, a small island area. From the lookout point, whichever island you want to see, you can take in stunning views of the Thai Isles, get to know the apes up-close on Monkey Beach, or watch fire shows and other nightly outings.

Their last stop before heading back to Phuket, Koh Yao Yai is one of the less advanced Thailand island and known for its pristine beauties. Returns to Phuket. With your travel plan for Thailand in place, it's a good idea to look for great accommodations to supplement your trip!

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