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Bartenders entertain men in a bar along Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand. When you are male and travel alone, don't be surprised if people think you are in Thailand for sex. See & Do More holiday ideas will help you on your holiday. Register for our monthly email and let yourself be inspired by ideas for a trip to Thailand that you would like. Select from thousands of great holiday offers in Thailand.

An exhaustive guide through the land

Thailand is home to picturesque whitewashed sandbeach, elaborately constructed churches, unbelievable road dinners and a powerful patrimony of culture..... If you want to come here to discover more of its wealthy culture or just sunbathe on one of the many beach and nightclubs, Thailand has become one of our favourite Southeast Asian states.

In the aftermath of our travels and life in Thailand, we have put together this guidebook that highlights the best of what you can see and do in this state. Make sure you wrap a general purpose adapter so you can use all of your electronics. Thai Visa: In general, US, UK and EU citizens receive a free 30-day visas if they arrive in Thailand by plane and 15 if they arrive inland.

It is easy to extend this type of visas if you want to remain in the Netherlands for a longer period of time. You can apply for a Thai tourism permit in any Thai consulate (this gives you 60 days). As more and more Southeast Asian destinations require verification of transfer before entering the destination state, make sure you make the necessary bookings.

In general, Thailand is a secure place. Because of our years of travelling around the globe, we would never go away from home without our own trip insure. One of the most frequent accidents in Thailand is a roller or motorbike crash. However, what most poeple do not recognize is that even if you have a trip policy, if you do not have a current motorbike licence from home, most measures will not protect you so make sure that you are in this before your trip.

There is a possibility of meeting non-English speakers in Northern Thailand and other countryside. Whilst we usually rather go through the low season, we also schedule our journeys to certain parties and festivities that we want to have. Loi Krathong and Songkran are two Thailand festival that we strongly suggest.

Just think, you're looking at the skies as there' s a thousand lights in the skies, and believe me when I say it's really a magic moment to see them in the flesh. Transporting from one place to another in Thailand is quite simple and effective.

Whilst you can come to Thailand all year round, it might make sense to avoid the rainy seasons if many of your vacation schedules include sunbathing on tropical isles. It is best to travel from December to March (all of Thailand). To put it briefly, the Thai climate can be divided into three parts:

Like in any foreign countries, you can go as inexpensively or as expensively as you like. Our expertise allows you to visit Thailand for only $30-35 per night, with accommodation and activity usually your biggest pay. Eating is relatively inexpensive, especially if you follow the streetside diet (with a dish of Pad Thai that only costs $1):

In spite of different times of year, travelling in Thailand is generally hot, with the except for some colder periods in northern Thailand. Have a look at our full travel guidebook to see what you need to wrap for Thailand. Wildlife tourism in Thailand is very common with many trips to promote Elefant Trakking. Thailand is a land that has something for everyone.

Although it is visited by million and even million visitors every year, there is still a large part of Thailand that is still largely undiscovered. These are some of the best places in Thailand. It is the bustling metropolis at the centre of Thailand and one of the most messy, dynamic and lively towns in Southeast Asia.

Whilst some folks drive directly to the island, a few day in Bangkok is a good way to relax in this tropical state. Some of the most beloved activities in Bangkok are visiting the renowned Wat Pho Temple and the Grand Palace. Go shopping at the wide-ranging Chatuchak weekly shopping centre or in many shopping centres and enjoy tasty eating on the town.

When you are looking for something tailor-made, read our Bangkok cheaper articles that suggest an activities for every single weekday. Thai cuisine is among the best in the whole wide open, so a cookery course is one of the best things to do in the state.

While we were in Thailand, we attended over 5 cookery courses and enjoy every single one! If I' m looking for where to go, I suggest to look at Cookly, which has many offers for cookery courses in Thailand that can be filtered by city. Once you have explored Bangkok, you can head to the towns in northern Thailand.

Get the most out of the North Thailand mountain and enjoy a few day treks, white water canoeing, exploration of secluded mountain towns or just the cold, clean outdoors. You can also choose the Mae Hong Son Loop in the north of Thailand, which is one of our favourite outdoor pursuits in Thailand.

Discovering the singular White Temple in Chiang Rai and enjoying a few relaxed nights in the hippie city of Pai are some of our favourite activities in Northern Thailand: Well known for having a very varied and abundant aquatic environment, Thailand is one of the best (and cheapest) places to study diving.

No matter what you do if you are an offshore fan, you' ll enjoy some of the best dive experiences in Thailand from daily excursions or longer liveaboards on the Similan Islands. Being an avid diver, experiencing Thailand on board a live aboard dive safari is something you will never want to overlook!

As an unbelievable multifaceted land, for various reason peoples stream into Thailand. Aside from the common places like Bangkok, Chiang Mai and the Thai Isles, you should have a look at our listing of uncommon places in Thailand, so you have the opportunity to see some great nature- and nationalparks.

A favourite activity in Thailand is to trek on Doi Mon Jong or Phu Chi Fa or to discover some of its many national parks. Places like Khao Sam Roi Yot are also great destinations due to their closeness to Bangkok.

Among the many island to chose from, there is no lack of nice sandy beach and marine wildlife in Thailand. Celebrate the full moons in Koh Phangan, see Ang Thong Marine Park or just enjoy some of Thailand's best sands.

Whilst you visit Phi Phi Phi, Phuket and the remainder of the favourite places, they are regarded as a must if you do not want crowded shores that are not too touristic, Thailand has many other isles that are definitely deserving a visit. In South-East Asia, Thailand is home to some of the most astonishing foods (in the world) and is a big favourite of mine.

The land offers a kitchen full of the freshest produce and the boldest flavours. When you are only in Thailand for a brief period of the day, here are a few meals to try: Available in almost every trolley, this is something you can never goof with.

To learn more about what to do in Thailand, take a look at our Thailand Roadfood Guide and the full report on the best Thai meals you can't miss during your trip. Following the trip and life in Thailand, we have produced this full Thailand tour guides to help you explore the best you can do in this amazing land on the basis of our own advice.

With the best sands, walks and routes, our Thailand travel guides are the best way to make the most of your trip to Thailand.

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