Thailand Travel Tips

Tips for Travelling to Thailand

Trekking in Northern Thailand. Discover the remote places in Thailand. Thailand is a beautiful country for backpackers, a remote paradise for pensioners, and in general it is what travel dreams are. This Thailand travel tips about documents, security, food, shopping and much more will ensure that your trip goes smoothly! For the first time in Thailand?

20 Thailand Travel Tips | Travel advice: Thailand

As a backpacker, Thailand will remain one of the first places to go. However, don't be deceived - although travel here means following a well-trodden touristic path, it is undeniable that this enchanting land can take a while to get around. In order to make sure that you are on the right track on your first trip, please read our top ten travel tips for Thailand.

Instead, take a few extra nights to enjoy the lively ambience of the mainland, at least one overnight stay on the infamous Khao San Road, before head southwards to the island or northwards to Thailand's second town Chiang Mai. Thailand is a land of temple, from splendour to minature, but try to see them all, and you will soon be tired.

Keep in mind that Thailand is not only about architecture, but also about streets and beaches. Apply a spray-on repeat with at least 50% detergent during the morning (100% at night) and apply a permethrine to your clothing as soon as you reach the countryside.

Thailand is a haven for fake goods, so be warned that what you buy is probably not real and never lose sight of haggling - the first prize you are named should fall by at least a third. When you have a home and plan to spend the night in a hostel or guesthouse, it is the cheaper way to book a room, and thanks to Thailand's thriving tourist industries you will have little difficulty in getting a cot (especially if you use our Rough Guide to Thailand for suggestions).

Sometimes it can be like someone tries to pull you off at every turn in Thailand and it is worth keeping your mind about you. In Thailand it is the best liquor and you can find the Singha brewery almost everywhere. Yes, the sexual intercourse is all over Thailand, but no, it' s not lawful here.

Discover Thailand with the Rough Guide to Thailand. Book a hostel for your journey and don't miss to take out travel insurances before you leave.

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