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More information can be found in our Chiang Mai travel guide, which contains some local and lesser-known highlights. The redddit thread is a treasure trove of information. Important travel information for backpackers, including travel guides, sights, accommodation and tips for exploring Thailand! Often travel agencies only sell Thai Airways or Bangkok Airways tickets; you can also book online.

Thirteenth Century Thailand travel guide: One-Stop Resource for you

Thailand is an unbelievable shire to be visited. It is home to tens of thousand sandy areas on several hundred islets. Walking paths lead you to deeply in the jungles hiding water falls, where you can take a bath in harmony with Mother Earth. At Ayutthaya, these ancient monasteries give an impression of a bygone age, while in Bangkok they are part of the day.

Face the town and you will find a huge metropolitan area. In Bangkok, the home of over 11 million inhabitants, is one of the biggest towns in Southeast Asia. Once you finish your meal, relax at a roof top lounge overlooking the town, or take in one of Bangkok's many vibrant local bands.

I' ve been living in Thailand for the last five years and spent a lot of my life travelling through this astonishing state. I have gathered my years of experiences and my familiarity with Thailand, so that you can really appreciate it. You will find this ultimative Thailand travel guide. This is where you'll find items, ratings and advice to help you get around Thailand better than anyone you know.

I have divided the Thailand travel sites into 5 simple to use categories: Bangkok, Northern Thailand, the islands, Central Thailand and Isan (Eastern Thailand). In Bangkok, the gateway to Thailand and Southeast Asia. Too many travellers see Bangkok as a country of passage.

One time I was culpable, but then I spent four years there and written this extensive travel guide for Bangkok. Banggkok is a vast metropolis with vibrant market, funny open air activity, a great night life and some of the most astonishing dishes you will find in the game. All in all, it is a very varied town, which earns at least one weeks from your trips through Thailand.

Amphawa is one of the biggest swimming stores in Thailand. It' a favourite holiday retreat for Bangkok residents who come to a refreshing sea grill. There is a cool atmosphere in this vast swimming pool and some of the best dishes you will find in Bangkok. Don't tell too many folks, this mystery is for natives only.

Bangkok 50 years ago is Bang Krachao Island. These small islets in the centre of the town have a vibrant small swimming fair, a lovely wetlands garden and an energetic peasantry. Drive further to Nonthaburi just off the coast of Bangkok to discover Koh Kret.

And after exploring the town during the afternoon, you should definitely stop by one of my favourite Bangkok local bands. Bangkok has a wide selection of nightclubs where you can enjoy inexpensive beverages, delicious meals and great local concert performances. Thoughts of crystalline water, clean sandbeach, light corals and sea life and of course crisp corals bring every year to Thailand thousand of visitors.

That'?s the live of the Thai Isles. Do you know how many islets there are in Thailand? There are an estimate that there are over 1,000 inhabited Thailand islets. Most travellers think that the island is only in the southern part of Thailand: Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Koh Samui and Phuket. In Trat, Trang, Ranong, Rayong, Satun and Surat Thani there is indeed a vast wealth of astonishing isles.

This is my great guide to the Thai Isles. At least one of these must be visited while travelling to Thailand: Coh Kood - the notation of these isles is often swapped with Koh Kut. Kood is so far eastward that it is nearer to Cambodia than Thailand.

Soak up the incredible clear waters, stunning sundowns, swinging ropes on the shore and the complete absence of people. It is really one of the best places in Thailand (a favourite). During daytime you will explore astonishing falls, whitish sand shores and jumping to other small islets in the area.

Whilst it is possible to spend a few days here, most visitors only go on a full days out to see the beautiful sandy beach and discover the woods all over the area. You can also find many other great sandy spots, water falls and meditative resorts on Koh Phangan. Look at my favourite sandy beach on Koh Phangan before you leave.

Not the best in Thailand, but you can't really say about the prices. oh Lanta - long sand dunes, cheap guest houses, great snorkelling and great western shore dives. Chalk Rok - a couple of remote islets ( "Koh Rok Yai" and "Koh Rok Noi") that are well deserved for a full days out from Koh Lanta.

It has long golden sand and great snorkelling sites along the reef. Similan Island - a group of small Andaman Sea archipelagoes, among them Koh Similan, Koh Miang, Koh Payang and Koh Payu. The Maldives of Thailand - they say they are, but really, it's better than that.

It is the cleanest in Thailand and there is an abundance of colourful sea life to see. Continue along one of three stunning beaches: Sunrise Beach, Pattaya Beach and Sunset Beach. There are a few small chalets, a small cuisine, and rental marquees in the Nationalpark.

Fuket - A vast isle with one of the biggest towns in Thailand. There' are plenty of luxurious hotels, small towns and some astonishing shores to discover. You can also find some great places to see in this area between the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. Cruise the lagoon, hike through the jungles and a cavern or see one of Thailand's ethically sound wildlife shelters.

Whilst North Thailand looks like the overslept end of the land, a lot actually happens in this way. Journey to the north of Thailand to do jungles treks, explore the mountain, explore astonishing falls and dive in a naturally occurring source of sun. Once you're done with the outdoors, take a look at the area' s arts scenes or the old story within the fortifications.

I' m told that so many Thai travellers who only travel a few nights in the far North are well worth more than that. These are some of my favourite places in the north of Thailand: The most northerly provinces of Thailand, Chiang Rai is encircled by wonderful mountains, falls and ethnical towns. Chiang Rai's cold weather is much colder than the rest of Thailand, a great place to get away from the heats.

At the north-eastern edge of Chiang Rai lies the antique Chiang Saen and the Golden Triangle. This is where the Thai, Laos and Myanmar frontiers converge and you will see a fistful of old churches. Sai Mae is the most northern Thai metropolis, directly on the Thai-Myanmar-Boarder.

Or you can ascend the precipitous mound behind the square to the famous Scorpio of Mae Sai. A lot of travellers are crossing the Thai-Myanmar frontier only for a few short hrs to see what it' like to live on the other side. After Bangkok, Chiang Mai is Thailand's second biggest town and after Nakhon Ratchasima the second biggest provincial road.

As in Chiang Rai, there are many hills and falls, but the town is much more lively. You can find out how to get from Bangkok to Chiang Mai here. Explore many astonishing falls, trails and of course the Khao Soi chicken soup! Central Thailand? That is a concept that I give loose to an area around Bangkok within a 300 km area.

These are all only a few hour's drive from Bangkok and can be attended in 2 nights or more. They are perfect if you are only planing a brief excursion to Thailand or a week-end excursion from Bangkok. It' amazingly simple to go to ancient monasteries, go jungles and trekk to cascades and just a few hour's relaxing on beautiful Bangkok-front.

So, if you only have a few day's time to travel to Thailand, you don't have to fly all over the state. The best destinations in Thailand near Bangkok: Situated a few hrs eastwards of Bangkok, Khao Yai National Park has some really profound jungles and astonishing falls to explore.

The Ayutthaya Antique Town - only one and a half hour from Bangkok, that is the old town. This is a must for everyone who travels to Thailand! Sang Khlaburi - the savage western part of Thailand. The thick jungles cover the mountains between Thailand and Myanmar and hide a hundred of jungles and astonishing creeks.

The Hua Hin and Petchaburi are some beautiful sandy spots near Bangkok, as well as some chilly aquatic amusement park. Akhanaburi (Erawan Waterfall) - two hour drive from Bangkok, Kanchanaburi is home to cascades, the story of the Second World War and large swimming rafthouses in the jungles. Izan is the vast part of East Thailand that no one you know has ever visited..... Actually, only 1% of travellers to Thailand actually do.

In Thailand why travel so far to the Orient? The cultural differences between Isan and northern, southern or central Thailand are so great that it is more similar to Laos. There are no archipelagos or islets in Isan. Instead, there are vast paddy paddies, cowboys and some of the best foods you'll find all over Thailand.

Isan is the place to be if you want to see the true country Thailand and move off the well-trodden paths. Some of the sights in Isaan include: It is a true country Thailand where humans lazy with their animals in a hammock. This is a small town in the far east of Thailand. It is the biggest town in the east of Thailand.

How much does a trip to Thailand costs? Your travel costs really depend on how you travel. Good New is that you can travel extremely cheap with a wide selection of affordable Thai destinations. You can use these numbers as a general guideline for creating your Thailand travel budgets.

I would also suggest examining this article out on how to be saving in travelling Thailand. Accommodations in Thailand can be quite inexpensive. What is the best season for a trip to Thailand? There are 2 distinct tourist periods in Thailand. It is also the best season to come to Thailand. From May to July, the whole of Bangkok is unpleasantly warm, with daytime mean temperature rising to around 40° C. The weather in Bangkok is very cold.

For over 4 years of life and traveling in Thailand I have found the best period to visit Thailand from September to early November. James has compiled a vast collection of useful Bangkok travel resource. Did love this Thailand travel guide?

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