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Out of Kanchanaburi I suggest to drive to one of the old capitals of Thailand. Itineraries and travel ideas to plan your group trip to Thailand. Are you looking for travel ideas in Thailand? Arrange your trip with a local travel agency in Thailand. Explore the latest travel tips for Thailand from our experienced travel journalists.

A fantastic 2-week-Thailand-Trip (for beginners)

It will help you to create your own Thailand travel plan. Read this and you are all set for a journey to one of the most adventurous destinations in the game! Thailand is a unique place in the underworld. The Thailand tour I am about to divide is relying on the tour I made on my first journey to the United States.

There is NOT enough travel to fully experience Thailand in 2 week. Upon arrival in the capitol Bangkok, we will visit the rich (and more authentic) north of the state. Escaping to the world-famous Thai isles in the southern hemisphere is unavoidable and the best place to unwind before you finish your itinerary.

Here is a short overview of this route for Thailand in 2 weeks: The majority of our intercontinental services end up in Bangkok and it is usually the first stop for travellers coming to Thailand. And Bangkok is one of those places you either loathe or detest. When you think you have the power, you can jump over your stay in Bangkok on arrival and drive directly to the next station.

Saving you the travel times, but can be under consideration of the jetlag and the annoyance of another travel after a long distance ride. Only to find drunk backpack tourists and some of the highest prizes in Thailand. Important: Store all your purchases when you return to Bangkok at the end of your itinerary.

There is no point in taking additional things with you throughout the journey. Remaining close to one of the malls in Bangkok makes good business sense. 3. However, since you will return to the capitol at the end of the journey, this is not a topical issue for the time being. There was FREE taxiservice to the major areas of the town.

Wonderful tidy, welcoming personnel and a great buffet breakfasts on a patio with a wonderful panoramic views over Bangkok. How to get to Bangkok: How long to stay: For sight-seeing, I suggest staying 1-2 nights at the beginning of the journey and another 1-2 nights before the return journey for shop.

There are all kinds of transport options in Bangkok. Once the capitol of Siam and the largest town in the world, Ayutthaya was totally devastated by the Myanmar military from the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries to 1767. This harbour is Bangkok. Today the unique remains of the old town of Ayutthaya belong to the UNESCO world cultural heritage, with an impressing collection of gigantic buddhistic shrines, magnificent castles and cloisters.

Be sure to visit the remains of the historic town. Phra Si Sanphet: the biggest Ayutthaya sanctuary has 3 huge photo-cheedis, which are the town' s icon. In all honesty, I found the town of Ayutthaya a little nasty and uninvasive. I am happy that I arrived as a daily excursion from Bangkok, but I appreciate that it might make good logistical sense from there.

You can choose a place between the old town and the railway stations to conserve your transfer times. You can reach us by rail or coach from Bangkok. How long to stay: That was my favourite place in Thailand. Never felt so at ease in a town before.

Important: for the latter, make sure you go to a real haven (there are many frauds these days) and NEVER riding an elephant in Thailand. Temple like the Sunday Night Market, where the whole town inspects crafts, clothes and cuisine. Ensure that you are within the old town wall to reach all important attractions on foot.

It is a long journey and the train is secure and convenient (but don't wait for luxury!). How long to stay: I' m prejudiced because I could be in Chiang Mai for a few months. I would say three full day is the absolute must to scrape the top of the area.

Remember, when you go on tour, they will come to get you and take you to your accommodation, so you don't need any transport at all for those dates. It' flying to the island! I' m proposing the Krabi provinces via Phuket just because the Andaman coast has a little more choice of isles.

For more information, see my Iceland Hopping Guidebook. Whatever they say, Railay is not a proper place. I know Krabi is a world famous place for cliffs, but I prefer to concentrate my spare minute on the exploration of the surrounding isles. Against a small charge you can go to the near paradise with a longtail or rent a larger vessel to take you to Thailand's largest hotpot:

There are 3 places to live in Krabi Province: Krabi Town, the capital. It is a long way with properties on both sides. Luckily I had enough spare minute to spend in Ao Nang AND Railay and here are the places I recommend:

How do I get to Krabi? The fastest way to get to Krabi from Chiang Mai is by air in one of the many everyday departures. How long to stay: As there are many places to explore in the area, you should book at least 3/4 full day.

By skipping the visit to an isle for the last part of your travel plan (see seat #5), you can extend your holiday to a whole full weeks. When you feel you have had enough cover, you can spend a whole weekend in Krabi (place #4) and explore the surrounding isles. However, as I have written on my Insel -Hopping-Guide, a "Relax-Island" is a good way to end the journey after wandering for some time.

Let's face it, spending the night on a tropic isle is an adventure in itself! In order to select the best Thailand islands, you need to consider both season and logistic to get there. This is my #1 Thailand Isle. This is a paradisiacal and peaceful place in the southern part of the countryside, better from December to February.

The last thing you want after a few extra working nights is more trouble. Thailand’ third biggest Thai isle can be easily accessed from the Aiport. It has several departures a day between the islands and other international airfields, especially Bangkok. However, it is on the Gulf Coast and it can be difficult to get there from Krabi.

Koh Samui - and any other Gulf Coast holiday destination - is best between January and April. Koh Lanta is a great destination for any Thai excursion with a rugged inland junglescape, a vast marine national park and long sandbeach.

is between November and March and the best period to travel to Koh Lanta and the islands can be accessed by ferry/bus from Phuket or Krabi. You can also return to Bangkok from Trang International Aerodrome. That'?s why Koh Lanta would be my option for you.

Below are some more of Koh Lanta's work. Seriously, it's reassuring, relaxing and spending long hours on the beaches, relaxing, reading, bathing and sleeping. Don't overlook what the movement of a day in warm and humid Asia can mean for you. It is the place where you can push yourself out and live a luxurious exotic life style.

You say you should raise your budgets a little for the last stages of a journey, so this is it. There is no better place than Koh Lanta to pick a more unusual place. Koh Lanta is a little more affordable than general Thai standard but we are referring to paradisiacal destinations and bungalow.

While there are some secluded resort locations in the southern part, the Long Strand hotel area is a great place to spend the night. As a rule, they also serve deckchairs and/or breakfasts on the beaches. After 5 days in the wonderful Long Beaches Chalet I could spend some more time. Luxurious, comfy, Thailand styled bungalow just 5 minutes walking distance from the best beaches in Lanta?

Or:.... find your own Koh Lanta resort: Begin your quest with this list of the best Koh Lanta properties, with WiFi and WiFi and indoor pools. www. Koh Lanta: You can take the shuttle or coach from Krabi Town or Ao Nang to Koh Lanta.

How long to stay: The number of nights to experience Koh Lanta: from 3 to infinite. However, you can only walk between your resort and the sea. Professional tip: Always return to Bangkok a few extra nights before your home departure in order to have enough buffers.

Bangkok again. the end of the line on this journey! You can take your own free day to visit some of the most beautiful roofs in the whole wide range. With only a few day to return it is also enough to go to the shops.

You' re in one of the best places in the whole wide globe to go to the mall! It is the right moment to remain in the Siam! In a few more workdays you can simply enter in any of the above places. But the best way to describe Koh Lipe was that I was in a fantasy the whole tim.

It' still my favourite isle in Thailand. The Khao Sok National Park is a jungles reservation in southern Thailand. At the top of my buckets lists - I will certainly be visiting next when I am in Thailand. Located in the northern part of the county and directly on the Lao frontier, Chiang Rai is one of the most authentically Thai provinces.

In most parts of Thailand it is still considered a boon to visit, but when you arrive at some places you will realize that they are overwhelmed by people. Unfortunately, even Krabi is getting more and more like this. In general, the best period in Thailand is between October and April.

However, Thailand is a huge nation and the climate differs greatly from region to region. Thirty percent of what I had packaged for my first journey to Asia was more than enough. Find out what to wrap for Southeast Asia, especially if this is your first time out.

Those you find at home with a high DEET content are okay, although you can waiting to buy them in any 7/11 in Thailand (cheaper). The tourist industry is a major engine of the Thai business, and companies are mushrooming - both the good and the poor.

Leaving your footprint is the slogan in Thailand: Effectively: Make big savings on travel insurances, rent a vehicle and more by using your credent! The Bangkok Buying Guide: Already been to Thailand? What places did you go to on your first trip to the Dominican Republic?

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