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When you travel to Thailand, take a look at my complete guide here! You can book hotels and tours in Thailand directly from the app (if online). Don't go with self-described'tour guides' who want to take you everywhere. More tips on Thailand can be found at Travelling Book Junkie. Whatever city or part of Thailand your family wants to visit, make sure you have the Kids' Travel Guide Thailand.

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I am planing my first journey to Thailand and would like to take a guide with me. What book would you suggest if I only chose one? In search of a general guide focusing on the locations and transport possibilities. Thailand has many great travel guides. They could go to a travel bookshop and rummage through several.

We first went and we found Fodor's to be the most useful. Don't miss to get a Nancy Chandler card on your way home, ideal for exploring Bangkok, to find shops, restaurants, places of interest, etc. Yeah, Nancy Chandler's card's great. For a long while Lonely Planet were THE expert for Thailand, but I was recently informed that the Pattaya listing was absent - maybe because it was mostly ME?

The Lonely Planet is more aimed at the younger backpackers but contains an enormous amount of details. I especially like their "best of" guidebooks on hotels, places of interest, accommodation etc. and their proposed routes. is a great website for up-to-date information and free downloads of tailor-made travel guidebooks.

When I was in Bangkok I liked to have the Nancy Chandler card early and I was sorry I didn't buy one for Chiang Mai. Since we like to study a lot of travel guides, we have found that by taking note of travel guides, travel sites and various discussion boards, we create our own notebooks that are easier to take along for the whole outing.

As soon as we have finished taking a note for a particular town or a particular date, we can discard it and not bother to take a hard book with us. Fodorites - My memos are usually a 9 month research collection and contain all of Fodorites' precious commentaries.

Simply enter the memos you need for the tag. GMT -8 all the time now 04:40 AM.

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